Blackwater Brigands Members

The four members of the Blackwater Brigands

The Blackwater Brigands are a group of thieves and bandits. The brigands consist of four members: Lynch, Minx, Wrath, and Selene, the leader of the group.

Armor and weaponsEdit

Their armor and weapons are level-dependent, except for Selene's unique weapon, the Blackwater Blade. They are found on The Bloated Float during the quest "An Unexpected Voyage," which is initiated when the Hero sleeps in the inn at the Waterfront District of the Imperial City. The Hero gains a small amount of gold and the Blackwater Blade if Selene is captured alive. They have hijacked the ship/inn because Ormil has made up a story about a hidden treasure, just to lure more customers to his inn.


An Unexpected VoyageEdit

After the Hero has rested on The Bloated Float, they discover it has been hijacked and is now at sea. The Hero must find out what has happened, eliminate the bandits, free Graman gro-Marad and Ormil so Graman can sail the ship back to shore.


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