Blackwood Company Guards are all members of the Blackwood Company. They all wear leveled heavy armor with the Blackwood Shield, except the Archer. They wield leveled boss weapons.

Glademist Cave 1Edit

Glademist Cave 2Edit

Water's Edge 1Edit

Water's Edge 2Edit

Water's Edge 3Edit


  • "Let's go, rookie. Drink up and we'll head out." – During "Infiltration"
  • "Come on. Drink up." – During "Infiltration"
  • "Drink. Drink! We need to go." – During "Infiltration"
  • "I can still smell the things. Look in the houses." – At Water's Edge
  • "There are still goblins around. Can't you smell them? They're still here! Check the houses!" – At Water's Edge
  • "There are more around. Look in the houses." – At Water's Edge


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