File:Blackwood company hall.jpg

View of the Blackwood Company Hall from the front of the Fighters Guild in Leyawiin.

The Blackwood Company Hall is the main headquarters of the Blackwood Company. The hall is located in the south-west of Leyawiin, directly opposite the Fighters Guild. This is an appropriate location, considering the company is in direct competition with the Fighters Guild. At night the hall is locked and requires a key. Most of the rooms of the hall require a key at all times.

The second floor of the Blackwood Company Hall has a Nirnroot in a plant pot on the mezzanine. There is also a display case in an adjoining room containing a Blackwood Shield; a heavy shield bearing the Blackwood Company crest, and also a Silver War Axe and a Silver Shortsword crossed at the hilt to resemble the same crest.

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