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Blade Training is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Trainers[edit | edit source]

The low-level trainers in Blade are the steward of Castle Cheydinhal, Naspia Cosma and Right-Wind from the Bruma Fighters Guild. The mid-level trainers are Sherina and Rhano from the Leyawin and Anvil Fighters Guilds respectively.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

At a blade skill of 70, the Hero is directed to a Blade-master who has apparently stopped at the Faregyl Inn south of the Imperial City. A man by the name of Alix Lencolia is here to train. To be trained, the Hero must have infamy or fame of 20 or higher.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

I need to find Alix Lencolia if I want more training in the use if Blades. It's been suggested that he's at Faregyl Inn; I should look for him there.

  • Update: After speaking to Alix without enough fame or infamy:

Alix Lencolia has refused to train me, saying that he's never heard of me. I'll need to make a name for myself, one way or the other, before he'll offer his services.

  • Update: After talking to Alix with the required fame or infamy:

Alix Lencolia has said he's heard of me, and so has offered to train me in the use of Blades.

  • Quest complete
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