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"Please accept this token from the Dark Brotherhood. It is a virgin blade, and thirsts for blood. May it serve you well, as does your silence."
Lucien Lachance[src]

Blade of Woe quote

The Blade of Woe is a unique Ebony Dagger received from Lucien Lachance at the start of the quest "A Knife in the Dark". Lucien will explain that the dagger has never been used before, and gives it as a gift from the Dark Brotherhood. After the quest "Honor Thy Mother", the Night Mother will place a leveled enchantment on it.

If Lachance is killed by the Hero of Kvatch in "A Knife in the Dark", the blade will no longer be a quest item. Instead, it will have a weight of 1, a selling price of 20 GoldIcon, and have a base damage of 3.


Level Enchantments Charge # of Uses Weapon ID
1–4 Demoralize up to level 2
Damage Attribute: Willpower 5 pts
Damage Health 5 pts
Damage Magicka 5 pts
2640 MagickaIcon 29 000918FF
5–9 Demoralize up to level 3
Damage Attribute: Willpower 10 pts
Damage Health 10 pts
Damage Magicka 10 pts
6510 MagickaIcon 30 00091900
10–14 Demoralize up to level 5
Damage Attribute: Willpower 15 pts
Damage Health 15 pts
Damage Magicka 15 pts
10800 MagickaIcon 29 00091901
15–19 Demoralize up to level 6
Damage Attribute: Willpower 20 pts
Damage Health 20 pts
Damage Magicka 20 pts
15930 MagickaIcon 30 00091902
20–24 Demoralize up to level 7
Damage Attribute: Willpower 25 pts
Damage Health 25 pts
Damage Magicka 25 pts
21180 MagickaIcon 30 00091903
25–29 Demoralize up to level 8
Damage Attribute: Willpower 30 pts
Damage Health 30 pts
Damage Magicka 30 pts
26790 MagickaIcon 30 00091904
30+ Demoralize up to level 10
Damage Attribute: Willpower 35 pts
Damage Health 35 pts
Damage Magicka 35 pts
32640 MagickaIcon 30 00091905
  • Base Value refers to the value without factoring the effects of Mercantile skill or character disposition.
  • Base Damage refers to the base damage rating without factoring the effects of the appropriate blade or Blunt skill, or the condition of the weapon.


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  • The Demoralize enchantment on the enchanted Blade of Woe has no duration, and therefore no effect on anyone, no matter what the strength of the enchantment.
  • When the Hero goes to see the Night Mother, if they keep talking to her, she will give multiple Blades of Woe.
  • Even though the Blade of Woe has no enchantments prior to the quest "Honor Thy Mother," it can still be used to hit Ghosts and Wraiths.
  • The enchantments on the blade may disappear.


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