For other uses, see Blades Armor.

Blades Armor is the Heavy Armor worn by the Blades, an organization charged with the protection of the Emperor. This full set of armor can be acquired for free by joining the Blades at Cloud Ruler Temple, just north of Bruma.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Name Base Value Gold Base Armor ArmorIcon.png Health Health-icon.png Weight WeightIcon.png ID
Blades Helmet 0 4.0 500 7.0 00000C09
Blades Cuirass 0 10.75 1000 35.0 00023318
Blades Gauntlets 0 4.0 500 7.0 0002391C
Blades Greaves 0 6.0 500 21.0 00023329
Blades Boots 0 4.0 500 10.0 00023921
Blades Shield 0 13.0 1000 14.0 00023922

Note: "Base Value" refers to the actual value without mercantile or disposition affecting it. "Max. Armor" refers to the maximum amount of armor the piece can provide, assuming maximum stats and skill.

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