Bleak Falls Barrow is a large Nordic ruin located at the peaks of the southern mountains of the province of Skyrim. The crypt houses several oddities from the Ancient Nords including the Dragonstone, an ancient tablet showcasing a map of all the Dragon Mounds.

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The ruins of Bleak Falls Barrow is one of the largest ruins in the province of Skyrim, smaller than the great Labyrinthian and the ruined temple of Skuldafn. The outer temple of Bleak Falls is separated from the rest of Skyrim by rigid hills and harsh blizzards, there are a couple of roads leading into the ruins, between the Whiterun plains and the White River. The courtyard is large, with several defensive precipices overlooking the area. The deeper the ruins go, the more natural caverns begin to appear, the final room housing the Word Wall is an open cavern with a skylight coming at the top. Rivers from Lake Ilinalta flow their way into Bleak Falls Sanctum. Creatures such as the Frost Troll and Bats inhabit the Sanctum while most of the ruins have the usual Draugr living in the temple.


Fourth EraEdit

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During the Skyrim Civil War in 4E 201, the court wizard of Whiterun at the time, Farengar Secret-Fire had recently discovered the Dragonstone inside the ruins of Bleak Falls Barrow. He had discussed his findings with his contact from Riverwood. Around this time, the township of Helgen was sacked by the World-Eater Dragon named Alduin. Afterward, a survivor of the destruction had escaped to Whiterun, to inform Jarl Balgruuf the Greater about the Dragon attacks. Because the survivor had experience with Dragons, Balgruuf showed the warrior to Farengar, who then tasked the traveler with retrieving the Dragonstone tablet from Bleak Falls. Sometime later, the warrior had acquired the tablet and given it to Farengar, who was meeting with his contact. The contact would then take the Dragonstone and create a map detailing the different Dragon Mounds found throughout Skyrim.[1]




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