Bleak Flats Cave is a cave north-northwest of Skingrad. Specifically, it sits where the top arc of the "S" and the top of the "K" of "Skingrad" meet on the map. Infested with leveled zombie, the cave must be explored and cleared out for the Skingrad Recommendation.


Erthor, a Bosmeri mage of the Skingrad Mages Guild was sent to Bleak Flats Cave by Adrienne Berene, the leader of the guild hall. She sent Erthor to the cave, after his experiments aggravated her. Realizing the danger of this, she might have sent an associate of the guild to retrieve him, with a Weak Fireball spell.

Erhtor can be instructed to follow upon discovering him, Unarmed and unarmored, the zombies that inhabit the cave can kill him easily, and he does little to defend himself. Kill the zombies in the cave first, then rescue him. There are several books and a set of enchanted shoes in the room with Erthor, taking them is considered stealing from the guild, causing the hero to be immediately banned.


The cave is ring-shaped. Immediately upon entering a zombie sits off to the northeast. Another zombie sits in the depression in the floor of the next room with another one behind the corner to the right, another in the hall off to the left, and two more in the hall in the upper righthand wing that leads to Erthor.

The southern appendage of the big room with the pit has a fake wall. Activate the fake-looking stone after Erhtor is in the party to open a secret passage, leading back to world map.


At low levels, startling the zombies of the cave can be dangerous, causing the hero to become overwhelmed. Sneaking to add modifiers to melee weapons can be very useful, although zombies are resistant to bladed weaponry. Mages should use the circular shapes of the rooms to keep a distance and hurl ranged spells as from afar.

Notable itemsEdit


  • Bed in Erthor's room.


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