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[[Category:Books about Religion]]
[[Category:Books about Religion]]
[[Category:Books about Redguards]]
[[Category:Books about Redguards]]
[[Category:Online: The World and Its Creatures]]

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Blessed of Onsi, Satakalaam: where warriors are bravest in all Alik'r.
Blessed of Tava, Satakalaam: where goshawk nests atop High Temple tower.
Blessed of Morwha, Satakalaam: where bees carry pollen to pomegranate and fig.
Blessed of Zeht, Satakalaam: where water from deep rock fills fountain and jug.
Blessed of Tu'whacca, Satakalaam: where Motalion guards ancestors from eras before.
Blessed of Ruptga, Satakalaam: where stars shine to guide us upon Walkabout.
Blessed of Satakal, Satakalaam: where we shall keep true faith till called to World's End.


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