The Blight is a serious disease that infects people and animals.

The Ashblight emanates from Red Mountain in the form of Ashstorms. These storms are reddish dust storms that carry the blight and have extremely high winds associated with them. Due to the danger of infection and belligerent creatures, residents of Vvardenfell often advise against travelling during an Ashstorm.


The Ashblight has several separate symptoms, depending on who it is contracted by. The creatures of Morrowind are also affected by their infection. The disease causes uncommon aggression in normally peaceful creatures, such as Kwama.

Origin and Elimination

The Ashblight (along with Corprus) was created by Dagoth Ur. According to him, the Ashblight was used to help gain converts to the Sixth House cult. As Dagoth Ur resided in the ruins of the Dwemer stronghold in Red Mountain, the Ashblight spread through the Red Mountain Ashstorms. The Nerevarine, the reincarnation of an ancient warrior named Nerevar, killed Dagoth Ur and, therefore, cut the source of the Ashblight, effectively eliminating it. Afterwards, the ashstorms lost their red tint, and became simple ashstorms again; although the Blight was eliminated, a few "Blighted" creatures remain.

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