Bloat is a very rare Alchemy ingredient obtainable in Vvardenfell. It supposedly grows in Bloatspores, but none of these plants exist in the game, so the only sources of this ingredient are vendors and a few loose samples.


Speaking to either Tendris Vedran or Anarenen, both Alchemy,[1] will cause the Nerevarine to learn the following information:

Bloat is the thick, pulpy-white tuber of the Bloatspore plant. It grows in dark, damp locations.




The following item can be found in the following locations:

Alchemical effectsEdit

The following table contains possible combinations for the potions:

Damage Magicka Fortify Intelligence Fortify Willpower Detect Animal

*Multiple effects in common.
There are 7 varieties of corprusmeat and all of them have the same alchemical properties.


  • Bloat does not have a plant it can be harvested from.
  • There are only 20 loose samples in the game, an unlimited amount are available through alchemists.



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