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Bloodroot Forge is a group dungeon located in southern Craglorn, accessible with the Horns of the Reach DLC pack, alongside Falkreath Hold. The dungeon takes place in a Nedic ruin within the Jerall Mountains, having been invaded by the Dreadhorn Clan. The clan is attempting to use powerful magic on their captives. The forge seems to drive those around it mad with bloodlust, which then empowers the forge due to the ensuing death.


Jerall CleftEdit


Sanguinary VeinsEdit



Blood for BloodEdit


Pledge: Bloodroot ForgeEdit


Notable itemsEdit

Item sets:


Bloodroot Forge has several natural hazards in addition to the various boss mechanics:

  • Stranglers use powerful poison AoE that snares, should be dealt with first
  • Nirnblooded Bears deal heavy damage, enough to kill outright on Veteran
  • Shalks target a player with a Fire Ball (indicated by text and fire aura around screen), should be run away from into the lava on Veteran - will stun and likely kill if not
  • Volcanoes/geysers summoned by Dreadhorn Earthgorers, must be plugged (preferably by tank) to avoid heavy damage to others
  • Chains summoned by Dreadhorn Firehides that stun players, must be interrupted by others. Will summon a large fire AoE in their place soon after



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