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Bloodskal Barrow is an ancient Nordic tomb in Solstheim, located due north of Raven Rock.


Bloodskal Barrow once belonged to the Bloodskal Clan.[1] It is the resting place of Zahkriisos, one of the four Dragon Priests on the island of Solstheim.

Sometime before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, miners in Raven Rock broke through the wall of Raven Rock Mine and found the barrow. Gratian Caerellius, an Imperial miner, found the Bloodskal Blade, a unique two-handed sword, while exploring the tomb.

Unfortunately, he was mortally wounded by draugr and died in the barrow. 200 years later, Crescius Caerellius, Gratian's descendant, attempted to uncover the secrets of his great-grandfather's death in the ruins.


The wall of Bloodskal Barrow

The mysterious, magical wall of Bloodskal Barrow.

Gratian's Journal 7

Gratian Caerellius's notes and drawings of the mysterious, magical wall found in Bloodskal Barrow.

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