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For other uses, see Bloody Hand Tribe.

The Bloody Hand Tribe is a goblin clan based in Cracked Wood Cave. In the 3E 433 the Bloody Hand Tribe and their rivals, the Rock Biter Tribe, had started a war. As a result, the area known as Cropsford was turned into a goblin war zone.


The following subtypes have no strengths, normal weaknesses, and do physical damage. The only exception is the Bloody Hand Goblin Shaman.

Bloody Hand GoblinEdit

Bloody Hand Goblin BerserkerEdit

Bloody Hand Goblin ChefEdit

Bloody Hand Goblin Rat FarmerEdit

  • Drops
    • Random iron weapons
    • Random low quality food
    • Rat meat

Bloody Hand Goblin SkirmisherEdit

  • Drops
    • Iron and steel arrows
    • Leather and steel shields
    • Two lockpicks
    • Random iron and steel bows
    • Random steel weapons

Bloody Hand Goblin War ChiefEdit

  • Drops
    • Two lockpicks
    • Random dwarven, silver, and steel weapons

Bloody Hand Goblin Shaman Edit

  • Weaknesses
    • Normal
  • Damage types
    • Physical
    • Fire
    • Frost
    • Shock


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