"I fear that a large band of mercenaries or soldiers will be unable to find them. A single person however, would be much more successful. Perhaps your arrival is fortuitous."
―Queen Blubamka[src]

Blubamka is the Queen of Rihad residing in the Rihad Palace, Hammerfell. Blubamka plays a major role in the main quest of The Elder Scrolls: Arena.



The first part of the second quest of Arena. Following the escape from the Imperial City's dungeons, the Eternal Champion is given a quest from Rihad's Queen, Blubamka: to recover a stolen parchment (which can be used to decipher part of the Elder Scrolls) from Stonekeep, which will reveal the location of the Fang Lair, in turn the location of the first piece of the Staff of Chaos. The Champion is also to assassinate Golthog the Dark and his gang of Goblins.


Show: Passive Dialogue

In Rihad Palace (randomly):

"Tell me, young (Player's race), are you in our fair city-state for business or pleasure? No matter, Rihad offers ample rewards for seekers of either. You will find the people here friendly and accomodating [sic] [Do not change this to
. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.]
— although I would not recommend leaving your weaponry back at your inn if you wander at night. Goodbye, (Player's name)."

"Welcome to Rihad, (Player's name). Please treat yourself to our city-state's many pleasures. Our taverns are a particular delight, the best mutton pie in the province. Now I regret I must dismiss you."

"You call yourself (Player's name), is that right? Well, all I can say is that we have had trouble with another young (Player's race) like yourself a few days ago and it would be a good idea to stay out of trouble. You are dismissed."

"Let all in North Hall know that we in Rihad welcome all travellers [sic] [Do not change this to
. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.]
wishing to do business in our city-state. We are even giving into demands to build a new hall for guild meetings. I hope you have a very restful stay here, (Player's name). You may leave me now."

"Hail to (Player's name). I hope you enjoy your stay in the city-state of Rihad. If you want to see some real action, young (Player's race), try exploring the wilderness. You may come back with something useful. Now I must bid you farewell. Good day."

"Greeting (Player's name), and welcome to Rihad. We are a peaceful city-state, but I would not recommend wandering the streets unarmed at night. Now I fear I must dismiss you. Political matters, you understand. Goodbye."

Show: Stonekeep
In Rihad Palace:

"Welcome to Rihad, (Player's name). I am Queen Blubamka, and I agree to tell you about Fang Lair, for a favor. You see, not too long ago a band of goblins, led by Golthog the Dark attacked this stronghold. They carried away with them much treasure, including a parchment which held within its writings clues to decipher the part of the Elder Scrolls which spoke of the location of the legendary Fang Lair. Golthog and his goblins fled to an ancient and ruined fortress called Stonekeep, outside the city. I fear that a large band of mercenaries or soldiers will be unable to find them. A single person however, would be much more successful. Perhaps your arrival is fortuitous. If you would agree to try and recover this parchment, I will inscribe the location of the Stonekeep onto your map. If you are successful and return with the parchment, I will be able to decipher the location of Fang Lair. I promise to give you that location as reward for your help. Do you agree?"

After accepting the request:

"Excellent. Stonekeep lies near Rihad. Be careful, Golthog is crafty and evil. It is even rumored that he is a necromancer serving the Underking. When you have the parchment, return with it here and I will find out the location of the Fang Lair for you..." Queen Blubamka smiles broadly and motions for you to take your leave...

After denying the request:

"I am sorry that you cannot help us now. If you should change your mind, come ask again of the Fang Lair. I will be pleased to have an opportunity to recover the parchment..." Queen Blubamka nods for you to excuse yourself from her presence...

Returning after denying:

"It is a pleasure to see you again, (Player's name). I trust you are ready to recover the parchment from Golthog at Stonekeep? As you already know, if you agree I will tell you the location of Fang Lair as a reward. What do you say?"

Returning before claiming the parchment:

"I have nothing further to discuss!"

Returning with the parchment:

"You have recovered the parchment! I hope you put Golthog into an early grave as well. Still, I will complete my end of the bargain..." Queen Blubamka motions to a courtier who respectfully bows and brings forward a pen. Staring intently at the parchment, the Queen takes a few moments and then inscribes the location of Fang Lair, somewhere in the province of Hammerfell, onto your map...

Show: Post-Stonekeep Dialogue
In Rihad Palace:

"I have nothing further to discuss!"

Dialogue now starts displaying all random "passive" dialogue available.


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