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"Blunt Weapon skill makes you more effective when using heavy bashing weapons like maces, hammers, clubs and staves."
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Construction Set[src]

Blunt Weapon is a combat specialization skill in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. This skill determines the player's effectiveness when using certain weapons. Blunt Weapon skill is governed by the strength attribute.

There are two primary types of weapons governed by this skill: one-handed and two-handed. One-handed weapons are generally lighter and faster, and do less damage, but allow the use of a shield granting greater protection. Two-handed are generally heavier and slower, and do more damage, but prevent the use of a shield thereby sacrificing protection. Examples of one-handed blunt weapons are, clubs and maces. Two-handed weapons are warhammers and staves.

The Blunt Weapon skill increases while using a blunt weapon during combat. When a strike lands successfully, progress towards the skill increase a percentage. When the progression of the current skill level reaches 100%, the skill level increases by 1.

Racial bonusEdit

Certain races gain a one-time skill bonus during character creation.

Skill booksEdit

Skill books give a one time bonus of 1 skill point to a specific skill when read.


Trainer City Location Max level
Aumsi Ebonheart Hawkmoth Legion Garrison 63
Ernse Llervu Vivec City Vivec, St. Delyn Canton 100
Radd Hard-Heart Balmora Moonmoth Legion Fort 66
Wayn Balmora Balmora Fighters Guild 54


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