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I'm not gonna make up stupid excuses, I did say those things. I'd simply like to state some of my reasons and clear some things up, since the thread was made by someone who doesn't even know what happened first hand.

1. It was a joke, about the torture thing.

2. EJ and MoS have both done worse things, such as insult users and betray the trust of some. Everyone has a right to be angry or hate others, but I don't let that cloud my judgement, believe it or not.

3. About the Indy business, I never encouraged him to break any rules, I was simply referring that he reported something that wasn't even on Wikia boundaries and stating my opinion. Sure, still against rules, though.

4. About the "True friends break rules for others", that I won't take back.

In conclusion, I don't deny I did any of those. Much the contrary, I confirm it. Take my Mod status, ban me, do what is needed, but I stand by my words.

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