Zippertrain85 wrote:
Enda Kenny wrote:
Voting-oppose Oppose
You do not understand the rule. The rule is not that criticism is banned, it is that is banned from the MAIN CHAT. You are perfectly within your rights to criticize a moderator in PMs or to another moderator, and if a group of people wish to talk to each other, they can make a Chatzy room or find another isolated, empty chat.
Why can't we just do it on THIS chat? The mods should be able to handle some constructive criticism. We explained how PMs don't always work. 

You was there when we were ALL discussing this and didn't say a word. Why? From what I saw, everyone was agreeing that this will help.

The point is critical remarks in the main chat are causing too much drama and arguments and it drives off new users. All issues of this mature need to be discussed as much as you like in private or in a seperate arena. The main chat is not the place for arguments.

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