SuperSajuuk wrote: Also, stop this bullcrap that sysops cannot be promoted if they don't edit mainspace, you have blogs, chat and forums that need attention that most of you refuse to give, why can't someone be a sysop if they only contribute to the forums? It's insincere and downright demeaning. There are probably several users here who would make good sysops, but are forbidden from being so because of stupid policies.

To clarify this point - it has nothing to do with "stupid policies". Tools are granted based on the eligibility and type of activity a user is involved in. They are specifically designed for this:

  • A patroller has access to the rollback tool, as their general activity involves patrolling and undoing mainspace edits. They don't require any other tools to do this job.
  • A chat mod's has tools to kick and ban people from chat, as their general activity involves patrolling the chat. They don't require any other tools to do this job.
  • A sysop has various tools designed to administrate the entire wiki (not just a section of it), as their general activity involves all parts of the wiki. Most (like myself) don't require Crat tools to do this job.

This is a basic breakdown of the rational and it has served us, and many other wikis, well. There would be no sense in switching a patroller over to sysop when they are only involved in mainspace patrolling and just use the rollback tool. If there was hard evidence of a good user doing work around the wiki that was "admin-like" (and having access to sysop tools to do this job would help them greatly) then a case can be made for granting them.

Users who are focused on one section of the site simply don't require additional tools to perform their jobs, when there are other (more suited) tools in place. That is the crux - the right tools for the right job.

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