SuperSajuuk wrote: I find it funny how there's no mention of the forum moderators in your post Jimeee. Do you consider the forum mods to be worthless, in your eyes?

Also you seem to miss the point about crats, so I'll repeat myself yet again: the purpose of a crat is to grant the sysop flag, nothing more and nothing else. A crat, for all intents and purposes, is just another sysop with an extra right. The crats can do all the same things that you sysops are capable of doing. Why do we need a bunch of people with a crat flag, when they can do everything that sysops can do?

The receipt of bureaucrat tools to each individual here was done with deliberate purpose. It was not done to create a bourgeois cult or some such silliness. Initially, Timeoin was given the tool as the previous bureaucrat was inactive. When Timeoin discovered his wife was pregnant and predicted a long period of absence for himself, Elchzard was elected as his replacement, as it were. As Elchzard became less active, the tools were translated to me, and during my absence, they were given to TombRaiser. As you can see, the elections were purposeful, so that there was always an active bureaucrat to help change user rights groups. Now, the question will likely be: why are we all still bureaucrats? The answer is simple: inactivity is not a valid reason for the removal of the tools. Simple as that.

From a technical perspective, the only difference between administrators and bureaucrats is that the latter user-group can add and remove certain user tools. However, on TESWiki, slightly different expectations are placed on office of bureaucratship. As per the admin explanation and policy page:

Bureaucrats, colloquially called Crats or BCrats, are administrators with the added ability to grant access rights to other users, based on consensus. In addition to this tool, Bureaucrats have access to all of the same functions and tools as administrators. Other duties facilitated by Bureaucrats include the crafting of policy and help pages and contributing to the skeletal structure behind the scenes of the wiki, such as the editing of the MediaWiki namespace. As with administrators, Bureaucrats are elected by the community. Unlike administrators, which can be removed from their user rights groups by a Bureaucrat, the tools of a Bureaucrat can only be removed by Wikia Staff.

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