There are over 2200 books, notes and letters in ESO so my advice is to organize this very carefully. A table of 2000+ books isn't very usable. I suggest you look at how Books (Skyrim) is done and follow that. This page needs to be an overview, so it can't be crammed with info that makes it a nightmare to browse.

  1. Books, journals, notes and letters should all be split off into their own pages. A Type column is not needed if this is done.
  2. You need to consider the Collection the book belongs to (Shadowfen Lore, Lore and Culture etc) - not just Shalidor's Library. There is also the Eidetic Memory and each has its own set of collections. Eidetic Memory is massive. A seperate column called "Collection" should be on this table.
  3. Location - This not a good idea. Books (Skyrim) used to do this and everything was a squashed up mess. The location should go on the book page itself.
  4. Existing Book - Not needed as the book page itself will note this, with the collapsable part on the infobox. Same goes for Other.
  5. There are only 82 skill books, so having a extra column for just those is a waste of precious table width. A seperate page for Skill Books is best.

Overall, the columns would be: Title, Author, Description, Collection. Simple and usable, with other pages (like Shalidor's Library) to support the more detailed stuff like lorebook, location, existing book etc. Edited: Link Correction

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