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(Edited to provide link to other thread ~Tim)<ac_metadata title="The Vestige" notify_everyone="1397917916"> </ac_metadata>
(Edited to provide link to other thread ~Tim) <ac_metadata title="The Vestige"> </ac_metadata>

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In the other thread regarding this topic, Drevan provided a link on the Elder Scrolls Online forum. (i.e. the official ESO forum page).

There, it is written clear as day that the character's name is Vestige. link provided here for confirmation

Given this new information, I am opening this up to a formal, proper vote this time.

(I.e. the other one was the discussion thread. This one is the voting thread - but discussion is allowed via VoteComment template.

The Vote proposal is this: That the ESO's character be named Vestige, and have The Soulless One redirect to this page.

Voting-support Support
Voting-neutral Neutral
Voting-oppose Oppose
Voting-support Support {{VoteSupport}}
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Voting-oppose Oppose {{VoteOppose}}
Voting-comment Comment {{VoteComment}}

(Edited to provide link to other thread ~Tim)

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