FANDOM wrote:
I'm not trying to start an argument just trying to understand. i've read everything on this site and noting makes since. It's like is was made as it moved forward. So the Adra have power but not enough to use it. without acting through a mortal being of somekind. 

Wait i thoguht Kenarath gave the gift of the thu'um to mortals. At least that's what the Graybeards said in Skiyrim. why is it differnt on here.

I'm not either, I'm just saying that you can't compare Gods of different religions in the real world because of contextual differences, and thus trying to compare Gods of real world religions to Gods in a fictional universe is even more pointless to discuss. You'll never come to a conclusion, and they're incomparable either way.

At any rate, the Aedra have power, but as with all deities in The Elder Scrolls, that power has limitations on how and under what circumstances it can be applied on Nirn. Having power doesn't mean as much if you can only use it every so often, and in certain amounts. But the Daedric Princes also have similar limitations. The main difference between the Aedric Aspects and the Daedric Princes is that the Aedric Aspects are subject to/shaped by the beliefs of mortals (mythopoeic forces) due to their link to Mundus, whereas the Daedra, having contributed nothing to creation, are not affected by mortal beliefs. While there are many aspects of the Aedra according to the mortal cultures that believe in them, there are 17 Daedric Princes. In this way, Kyne is not the same as Kynareth, and yet is part of the same Aedric Oversoul. Kyne is how Nords believe her to be just as Kynareth is how Imperials believe her to be, but due to the nature of mythopoeia, the very fact that mortals believe in her differently results in two different Aspects being created. Kyne (through Paarthurnax) taught mortals the Thu'um. Kynareth did not (and fairly, Kynareth did not exist at the time, as it wasn't until later that the modern Imperial Pantheon of the Divines came to be). 

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