Except that there is absolutely no indication that the Falmer outnumber the local populace of Skyrim. In addition, you severely underestimate the importance of skill, training, and tactical/strategic ability: trained well and commanded properly, a dozen men can destroy, or at the very least hold their own against, a force many times their size. This is even more relevant when considering medieval weaponry as opposed to modern, and indeed there are many cases in ancient/medieval warfare where overwhelmingly outnumbered forces achieved victory due to their training and their leadership. Add to this the fact that the average hold guardsman is much better equipped than most Falmer warriors, who for the most part wear little more than rags with a few plates of Chaurus chitin strapped haphazardly on and use poor and crude weapons made of the same material, and it's not difficult to see that they would crumble before an organized military force.

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