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ummm how is that a bad thing? you could turn it around and say uniting all the mortals could be bad too. Elves have always been a smart and educated people so i wouldnt see the harm in an elven lead empire as opposed to an imperial one, in fact with such a high priority on magic training and education, it might be better

It's a bad thing because after uniting all elves, they would then turn around and try to either kill or enslave all non-elves.

That's what has always happened before.

Sure you could do that though it isn't the same.

So its ok for the Empire to allow the Dunmer to keep Argonians and Khajiit as slaves? because that must be the right thing to do....

and were the Imperials/nords/mortals were right by forcing all other nations to join their empire with military force offerinfg no other option? only time they stopped conquering was when the Septims saw Morrwind had gods supplimenting their army and black marsh was nearly impossible to get through. 

Tiber Septim didn't stop at Morrowind OR Black Marsh. The Tribunal surrendered to the Empire and gave the Numindium to Tiber Septim as a gift. And Black Marsh was still conquered, he just avoided attacking the "strategically unimportant" inner swamps. Then, using the Numindium, he conquered the Summerset Isles. Tiber Septim successfully united ALL of Tamriel. Some nations joined willingly, others were forced to surrender. There was no stopping.

well technically he entered into an alliance with morrowind, they never surrendered, it said in one of the books he was terrified to fight 3 living gods so they occupied part of Morrowind while the Dunmer were allowed to keep their laws and traditions, those were teh terms

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