The year is 4E 323. The Kingdom of Argonia, led by the political faction known as the An-Xileel, dominates southern Morrowind, including the former capital city of Morrowind, while the Dunmeri House Redoran rules northern Morrowind from their house seat of Blacklight. After a failed incursion a decade earlier, the Dark Elven people have all but given up hope of reconquering their former territory. However, for a Dunmer slave toiling in Mournhold, there is still hope....

These are the rules. This is my first RP, so bear with me:

1. No stupid stuff conflicting with canon. This is mostly, if not solely, based on TES lore.

2. If you get mad at me, leave the RP. Don't ruin it for everyone else.

3. The characters can be any race, of course, but they have to be related to storyline in some way, obviously. Therefore, it may be easier if you create a Dunmer character.

4. Set up your characters like this:











Notable Characters:

Llervin Andaryn- The main protagonist. He is a 17-year old servant in the employ of an Argonian noble in the city of Mournhold.

Llana Andaryn- Llervin's 22-year old elder sister. Despite Llervin's age, she is still very protective of Llervin.

Deewulz- An Argonian noble living in the city of Mournhold. He employs many Dunmer as his slaves.

S'marra- the leader of all Khajiiti caravans in Morrowind.

Varrinoth- the leader of House Redoran, and current King of Morrowind. He resides in Blacklight, and has ruled for over a century.

Saora- the Queen of Morrowind and Varrinoth's spouse.

Notable Events: 

  • The Imperial Legion crushed the revolt in Skyrim shortly after its inception in 4E 201.
  • The Mede Empire and Aldmeri Dominion went to war again, from 4E 264 to 4E 269. The Empire proved victorious and reclaimed Elsweyr from the Elves.
  • In 4E 312, House Redoran, with House Telvanni and House Sadras, invaded southern Morrowind in an attempt to take it back. It ultimately proved a failure.
  • The Morag Tong is still disbanded.
  • The father of Llervin and Llana was killed during the Dunmer invasion, and their mother died shortly after giving birth to a stillborn sibling a month later.
  • The An-Xileel rule Mournhold and their holdings in Morrowind with an iron fist, treating Dark Elves with disdain and inferiority but leaving Argonian citizens be.

Alright, let's do this:

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