I just came across my first elder dragon. At least, I think it was an elder. It was something fairly powerful, because I'd never seen it before. I remember I was getting all excited for a challenging fight. I think I was level 35-ish....? ANYWAYS.... I use Dragonrend on him, he lands. I attack with my arrows as Aela fights with a dagger (no clue....but she never uses her bow anymore....) and Serana is using her spells. Meeko gets killed, but I don't really care cause I'm gonna get a new Xbox soon so I'm just messing around on this character. And then the dragon decides to turn around and breathe fire on me. I thought I'd be fine, because my arrows were dealing a (not) fair amount of damage, and I was lazy when it cons to dragons, so I wasn't watching his health bar. Or mine. And then I died. Iw as very shocked. And when I reloaded, i couldn't find him again....:(. Wanted to kill him. [sigh]

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