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I wouldn't be surprised, it's not the only recorded line that didn't make it into the game or is glitched but is still available in the game files. I'm not personally editing the mention to the interaction in the article though, I'll leave it to someone who can effectively check the scripts in the creation kit.

The true Star? Beautiful choice, should have guessed by your name. Helping Arkay against Molag Bal would mean indirectly helping Meridia too. I wonder if it would be acceptable for a Vigilant to acquire Dawnbreaker and use it to kill undead in Arkay's name, while refusing to be Meridia's champion. I guess Puggles' Dragonborn will have to think about it :)

I prefer mage files. The most for weapons that I ever use are staves, bows (rarely) and daggers. Actually, in my newest file, I stole the dragon priest dagger from the college, and enchanted it and renamed it for roleplay, then locked it in the jail cell at castle volkihar, and used their dragon priest dagger, naming it something newer. Then, during the dark brotherhood questline, when I'm attacked by the agents at that bridge, they "knock" it out of my hand, off the bridge, never to be seen again, and to be replaced by the blade of woe. Dawnbreaker is an amazing sword, but it's not for me. 
My main character now hates all undead after being cursed with vampirism.  He was eventually cured and now slays vampires whenever the opportunity arises.  So Dawnbreaker is his primary melee weapon.  Especially when he was still cursed since he went on a kamikaze vampire killing spree.

one word. Werewolf. 

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