I've been playing on Adept so far, and I would like to try playing on Legendary. I have about 700 hours of play time, and it cannot be denied, I simply suck at this game. Everyone says it's so easy, but I just can't do it. I could get killed by a darned Sabre Cat. Maybe even a bear. A frostbite spider.

Magic I have tried, but I don't find it either fun or effective. Thief? Doesn't work well in combat. Archer? I'm a terrible aimer.

What seems to work best for me are weapons. Two handed... Don't find it that fun. Besides, if you have two weapons, you can enchant both of them. But if you use one, that means only one enchantement.

My favourite plays are Dual Wielding and Shield+weapon. But which one is most effective?

Dual wielding: Deals most damage, but can't block. I die very quickly using this.

Shield: Greater survivability, but awfully slow damage. I've tried block+bash+strike, but it takes ages, and also works horrible in battles with more than one monster.

I guess Dual Wielding would work better for me, since I'll be going with light armor and the best shields would be heavy armor. With enchantement Fortify One-Handed I would deal TONS of damage in Dual Wield. What's the point with bonus armor, if there is a cap anyways? Though Shields are good early game. What's best for the long-run?

So which one is best? I don't want that "Personal preference" but I want to know which one is actually best.

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