I've noticed many stories all over the wiki and thought: Why not share yours with me. :3 I like hearing or seeing what goes on in everyones character's lives and i think they are interesting. Every character is unique. Start from where you want to up to where they are now. It doesn't have to be long. If you want to know mine, here it is(It is long):

First character:

Identity: Cindaia,19, Female

Race: Nord

Active skills: Archery, One-handed, Light armor

Passive skills: Smithing, Enchanting, Alchemy, Restoration

Background: Cindaia was born into a family that was poor and always fought against bandits, wolves, and other natural enemies. Cindaia had no siblings and lived with her mother, father, and cousin. Due to attacks on their farm, her cousin taught her to fight so she could protect herself one day. She eventually became really good with a sword and also taught herself magic, mainly in the healing arts. One day, when being attacked by bandits, her cousin was killed and her parents took off and disappeared. On her own, she eventually killed the bandits, very close to death. Using the healing arts, she healed herself. She decided to leave the farm and search for her parents.

As she got older, she almost gave up finding her parents and assumed they were dead. She decided she was going to return to her farm and see what became of it. She decided she should steal a horse to get there faster, but was caught in an ambush and taken to Helgen. Ever since Helgen was destroyed by Alduin, she decided to pursue being a mercenary but found her place as the Dragonborn. :3

Second character:

Identity: Ri'nara,19, Female

Race: Khajiit

Active skills: Archery, One-handed, Light armor

Passive skills: Alchemy, Enchanting, Sneak, Pickpocket, Destruction

Background: Ri'nara was born into a wealthy family in Elsweyr who never had time for her. She lived with her mother, father, older brother, and grandfather. She was very close with her grandfather and brother who told her stories about Skyrim, the Snow Elves, and the Dwarves. They had many parties with other wealthy families so her brother taught her pickpocketing. She became very good at it but never did it often. When her grandfather passed away, her and her brother were heartbroken but her parents didn't care. Her brother took the death hard and eventually ran away.

As she got older, she decided to go after her brother and search for him. Her parents eventually kicked her out anyway after she got caught by the law for stealing supplies(I mean, who doesn't? :P). So, she took off in search of her brother. Her search led her to Skyrim where she stole things to get by. She decided to check Riften (Where she heard the Thieves Guild was located) for her brother to see if he joined the Thieves Guild. On her way there, she was captured by Imperial soldiers and taken to Helgen as well. After escaping, she decided to do what she did best: Become a thief and assassin. She eventually became Guild Master of the Thieves Guild and Listener and leader of the Dark Brotherhood. She still searches for her brother from time to time and misses him and her grandfather very much.

Third character:

Identity: Nallene,19, Female

Race: Altmer/ High Elf

Active skills: Destruction, Illusion, Conjuration, Restoration

Passive skills: Alteration, Enchanting, Alchemy

Background: Nallene, who was also born into a wealthy family, spent much of her time studying magic, enchanting, and alchemy. She wanted to go on and teach others how to do it, but the death of her sister brought her so much sorrow, she chose not to follow that path. For a few more years, she remained in the Summerset Isles with her parents and grandmother to continue her lessons in the arcane arts.

When she was about 16-17 years old, she went to a magic school in the Summerset Isles and learned for a few more years. She eventually graduated where she decided she wanted to learn some more from the College of Winterhold, in Skyrim. So, when she was 19, she said bye to her parents and grandmother and headed for Skyrim, where she eventually found herself on a cart with soldiers from the Stormcloak Rebellion. When she escaped Helgen, she eventually found her way to the College of Winterhold, where she finally got to learn more and increase her skills. She eventually became Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold where she is greatly respected.

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