I walk into Riverwood, and then I have to take a piss. I walk away from the game, not pausing it, and I come back to find a dragon killing everyone. I kill the dragon, then check for bodies. There were 5 people dead, Sven, Faendal, Camilla, Alvor, and Sigrid. The little girl Dorthe didn't have a family anymore, so she goes to Orphanage Hell in Riften. I felt so bad for her I bought Hearthfire to adopt her. Four days after that, I purchase Dragonborn. The cultists come and attack me. In the attack, Sven's mother Hilde dies. A couple of weeks later, I get Dawnguard. I join the Dawnguard, and then a few in game days later, vampires attack me while I'm in Dawnstar, killing the dude who gives you Merune's Razor. SKYRIM IS CRUEL

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