Harold Burned-Mane wrote: wrote: Also if the Empire has ties to it (with the Blades and some of its traditions and military training back in the day and all) I wonder, why hasnt any nation asked the Akaviri Empire for help? they devistated the Imperial Army when they tried to invade their homeland back when the Empire was even at its height under the Septim Dynasty. if the Thalmor are so dangerous why not get an Empire thats equally, or possibly even more powerful to destroy the Thalmor? after reading the Disaster at Ionith it seems they would be more then a match for the Thalmor with Magic and military, and navel might.

There is no such thing as the Akaviri Empire. There are four different Akaviri Nations: The Tsaesci, The Tang Mo, the Kamal, The Ka'Po'Tun. The Empire has only encountered the Tsaesci, they were invaded and then invaded the Tsaesci. They have no ties to the Tsaesci. You may be confused because the Blades were created by a group of Tsaesci that remained in Tamriel after the second failed invasion.

Im pretty sure it say in the Book about the Akaviri that the Tsaesci defeated the other groups and united the land except one of the group is a rebellion (I think the KaPoTun or Tang Mo)

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