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Stark of Winterfell wrote:
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It happens to all great empires eventually. Look what happened to the Roman Empire. Its already happening to the Imperial Empire. The Elven Empire is still in its growing phase.

The same thing also happened to the Ayleids.
If an Elven Empire also rises, it will eventually fall. Just like any and all forms of government.

It's the cycle that is always true. No mortal or immortal can do anything about it.

Note: This is giving me very a good idea for a script :-P

Pruzah. You speak true. All things must end so that the next may come to pass.
Exactly. Its the end of the cycle for the Imperials and the start for the Elves...unless the Empire gets it together REAL soon.
The thing is though, the Elves already HAD their time, back in the Merethic and First Eras, and a part of the Second. No, now is the time for the Beast races to rise up and become masters of the contienent. It's only fair considering how much crap the Argonians and Khajit had to put up with. Of course, that's assuming Beth doesn't go along with MK's story about Nirn getting wiped the hell out and everyone lives on Secunda with giant tv heads O_o

If you are right and its for the beast races to rise, im betting right now that its the Argonians. Out of everything that's gone wrong for everyone else, they've gotten by without any serious issues. In fact they've gotten stronger. The Khajiit are part of the Dominion. The Orcs arent trully beastfolk, their elves(!!!!) It would be cool to see an Argnian Emperor in the White Gold Tower. :)

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