Ylva Moonfang wrote:
Well, if you don't mind modding, there are mods that will allow you to become a werewolf without the Companions. Sanies Lupinus is one such mod, I'm not sure which version of Skyrim you have, the one I have is for Special Edition, the normal Skyrim might have it though. Basically, with that mod, all you have to do is summon a werewolf using the console and let it wail on you, you'll eventually contract the disease like the vampire disease. Then you wait 3 nights and boom, werewolf again.

Not sure how to become one using console commands, I just use mods.

I use Special Edition. As of posting the original post, I have been using mods (Original Oldrim Moonlight Tales ported for Special Edition specifically). Though, I am still curious as to what the vanilla commands for setting your race to High Elf Vampire Lord and High Elf Werewolf are. The syntax should really listed somewhere or at least a way to search for it with the "Help" command.

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