In Skyrim I have a house, and because of Hearthfire I have adopted two children, a girl and a boy. Currently, the children have adopted Sceolang, one of the huskies available through Dawnguard, and the boy has adopted a mudcrab. I have Meeko as a follower, but I would much prefer for him to be adopted as a pet by the children. Is it possible (through mods or what have you) to also have the children adopt Meeko as a pet alongside the husky and the mudcrab? If not, is there a way to at least have Meeko and the husky? Any answer giving me a way on how to do this is welcome, whether it be because of a mod or any other way.

Thank you in advance.

(Note: I am NOT talking about having him as another follower, but as an actual pet.)

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