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Boethiah's Quest is an optional Daedric quest that takes place during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The quest is given to the Nerevarine by the Daedric Prince Boethiah at his ruined shrine.

Background[edit | edit source]

"What do you want with me, mortal? My shrine is in ruins, my priests have forgotten me. Will you rebuild my shrine, mortal? Restore it in all its glory? Accomplish this, and I will reward you. You will be the bearer of Goldbrand, my sword of legend. There is one who can help you do this for me. Listen.... Rough hands to smooth stone, Carving rock instead of bone, In Caldera an artist waits, His masterpiece to create. Find the one who may shape the rock. Go." – Boethiah

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The quest may be obtained in two ways. One way is to locate the Ruined Shrine to Boethiah during exploration and activate the shrine to speak with Boethiah directly. The ruined shrine is underwater off the western coast, west of Ashurnibibi. The other method is by encountering a Khajiit while exploring the Sheogorad region, named M'aiq the Liar. Who will inform the Nerevarine of a sunken shrine to a Daedric Prince near Hla Oad. Investigation of the area offshore, of the Inner Sea, near Hla Oad does, indeed, reveal a sunken Daedric Shrine, in the middle of which, lies a broken statue of Boethia. The Nerevarine must swim to the bottom of the sea to activate the statue's head. Then the voice of Boethia will be heard, requesting that the Hero restore his shrine to all its glory, and in return, will offer the legendary sword, Goldbrand.

Solving Boethiah's riddle[edit | edit source]

At this point Boethiah gives the Nerevarine a riddle to solve, referring to Boethiah's chosen sculptor, who must rebuild the shrine. The riddle specifies the town of Caldera. Once there, asking locals about a sculptor, the Nerevarine will be directed to Verick Gemain, the trader, who may know of one. Verick will mention that there is an Orc who "likes to carve up some stones" living in Ghorak Manor. On the top floor of the manor, lives Duma gro-Lag who is standing next to a large stone. The Orc will inform the Hero, that he is, indeed, a sculptor. Duma will agree to build the new shrine, however he will request that the Nerevarine both fund the project, and obtain a 'statue book' for him, to use as reference. He does not know the name of the book, and will say: "Ask book guys."

The statue book[edit | edit source]

Any bookseller will give the same information, although, the nearest bookseller is Dorisa Darvel located in Balmora. They will advise to check with Jobasha in Vivec, as he deals in hard-to-find books. After finding Jobasha's Rare Books in the Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks of Vivec City., the Nerevarine will ask Jobasha about a "statue book." Jobasha will indicate a book that he sells called Boethiah's Glory.

Khartag Point[edit | edit source]

The building site of the new shrine

Having obtained the funds (2,000 Gold) and the book, the Hero must return to Caldera and speak with Duma again about the statue. Duma, then, tells the Nerevarine that he will begin construction of the shrine at Khartag Point and to meet him there after twenty one days have passed.

The new shrine[edit | edit source]

"You have done well. This shrine is a worthy one, where my power will again be felt. Take this, mortal. Wield the Goldbrand with a strong hand, and let all know my shrine has risen."

Twenty one days later, the Nerevarine may head to Khartag Point, which is just north of Gnaar Mok, to find the new shrine. To complete the quest, the statue of the Daedric Prince must be activated. Then, Boethiah will thank the Nerevarine and give the legendary sword, Goldbrand, as reward.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Journal[edit | edit source]

Boethiah's Quest – DA_Boethiah
ID Journal Entry
10 I spoke to the khajiit M'aiq, and he gave me information on a sunken shrine to Boethiah off the coast near Hla Oad. It's difficult to know whether or not this is true. This khajiit seems to have a lot of ridiculous information.
  • Quest accepted
20 I have found the sunken shrine to Boethiah and spoken to the Daedra. He is understandably upset that his shrine has been allowed to remain in ruins, and wishes for a new one to be erected. If I can get the shrine rebuilt, he will reward me with the Goldbrand, a legendary sword. My first step should be to find a sculptor.
  • Quest accepted
30 Boethiah spoke in a riddle to me, to help me find the one who can recreate the shrine: Rough hands to smooth stone; Carving rock instead of bone; In Caldera an artist waits; His masterpiece to create
40 I have found a sculptor in Caldera. He is an orc named Duma gro-Lag.
45 I don't think this could be the sculptor I seek.
50 I have asked Duma gro-Lag about rebuilding the shrine to Boethiah. He has agreed that it would be a wonderful project to be a part of, but he will need 2000 septims for materials, and will need some idea of how the shrine should look. Duma suggests I seek out a book that describes the shrine as it once was. In the meantime, he will search the area for an appropriate place to build the shrine.
60 I have returned to Duma gro-Lag with the items he required to recreate the Shrine to Boethiah. He seemed excited to begin, but warned me it would take some weeks to complete.
61 Duma gro-Lag tells me his work is complete, and that the shrine is rebuilt.
70 I have returned to the completed Shrine to Boethiah. The Daedra seemed pleased with the work that has been done, and has rewarded me with Goldbrand, a truly spectacular weapon.
  • Quest completed

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Following the release of the Morrowind Patch Project, it became possible to upgrade Goldbrand to Eltonbrand (during the quest "Shashev's Key").

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Bugs[edit | edit source]

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  • Speaking to M'aiq before finding the Boethiah's sunken shrine can occasionally cause the Journal entries to be incorrect for each stage, breaking the quest.

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