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"At last, a worthy opponent!"
―Boathiah Cultist[src]

Boethiah Cultists are generic, variant-race characters residing at the Sacellum of Boethiah during the quest "Boethiah's Calling." They are led by the Priestess of Boethiah.


Boethiah's CallingEdit

Non-hostile Boethiah Cultists can be found at the Sacellum of Boethiah and play an integral part of the Daedric quest. The Dragonborn may kill all of the Boethiah cultists to start the next part of the quest, which involves killing the Champion of Boethiah.

Hostile cultists can also be met in random encounters and will attack upon sight if the Dragonborn is level 30 or above. Depending on the Dragonborn's level, their stats are identical to those of a bandit.

Priestess of BoethiahEdit

The Priestess of Boethiah is a female Dunmer who interacts with the Dragonborn, informing them of basic information about Boethiah. She also tells the Dragonborn that they must sacrifice a victim to the shrine in order to win their approval.

Successfully doing so causes Boethiah to challenge her followers to a free-for-all amongst themselves, including the Dragonborn. The Priestess is killed during the battle, and the Dragonborn is the victor. 

Notable itemsEdit

  • Hostile cultists typically carry a copy of Boethiah's Proving. Reading the book will begin "Boethiah's Calling."
  • The non-hostile cultists located at the Sacellum of Boethiah all carry a Blade of Sacrifice.


  • It is possible to loot two copies of the Blade of Sacrifice from the Priestess's body: After killing her during the skirmish that follows the sacrifice, the Dragonborn can loot one copy from her body before she is possessed by Boethiah. After the possession is over, her body falls to the ground and another copy can be found in her inventory.



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  • If Boethiah's Proving is read before taking it from the inventory, the quest may never appear.
  • It is possible for a Boethiah Cultist to appear anywhere, even in the courtyard of High Hrothgar. If one does spawn there and "The Way of the Voice" quest is open, every single Greybeard in the courtyard will attack, first Ice Forming and then attempting to punch the cultist to death.


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