For other uses, see Lurcher.

Bog Lurcher is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


  • Bog Lurcher can be acquired by purchasing core set packs or by soul summoning it for 100 gems.
  • One copy of Bog Lurcher can be acquired by purchasing the Dagoth's Might theme deck.
  • One copy of this card is received by completing Chapter 3 - Dark Omens before the start of the game in a story deck called Band of Survivors and so is available in your first battle.


Bog Lurcher can be a very good offensive creature. If partnered with a guard, and/or if enhanced by an item, it can become very deadly. Its extremely low health makes it an easy kill, allowing for expandable units, such as Nord Firebrands, to instantly kill it. An action card can also eliminate it quickly.



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