Not to be confused with Bolfrosti Deep-Shade.
"The weather's harsh, but I like to think my sunny personality is what helps the grain grow."
―Bolfrida Brandy-Mug[src]


Bolfrida Brandy-Mug is a Nord farmer at the Brandy-Mug Farm.


She can be found at Brandy-Mug Farm outside Windhelm and is the owner of it. The Dragonborn can harvest crops for her and sell them to her.


Farming in permafrostEdit

Bolfrida: "Now, I've been reading about the best ways to grow corn in permafrost..."
Faryl: "I keep telling you, without a warming enchantment, it will never grow past your ankles."
Bolfrida: "Right, but if you plow the soil with fire salts..."
Faryl: "Then you've salted it and nothing will grow at all. Genius."
Bolfrida: "Oh dear, I hadn't thought of that."

Just needs elbow greaseEdit

Faryl: "I don't think we're going to get those potatoes to come in."
Bolfrida: "Well of course, not with an attitude like that!"
Faryl: "The ground is practically frozen. We can't dig down far enough."
Bolfrida: "Come on, we just need a little elbow grease."

Volcanic farmingEdit

Bolfrida: "I'll bet this is better than trying to grow something in Morrowind, though, isn't it?"
Faryl: "Firstly, I've never even seen Morrowind. Secondly, in volcanic soil the plants practically grow themselves."
Bolfrida: "Oh, my, I hadn't thought of that."
Faryl: "There are places in the world that aren't wrapped in ice, you know."


  • "Welcome, welcome, welcome! Don't see many strangers out here. Come to get your hands dirty on a real farm?"
  • "Nothing tastes better than food you've grown yourself. Something magic about dirt and sunshine making food."
  • "The weather's harsh, but I like to think my sunny personality is what helps the grain grow."


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