Bolstering the Ranks is a quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.

Background[edit | edit source]

It's been suggested that the Dawnguard could use the help of a man named Florentius, a former Priest of Arkay. I need to speak with Isran to find out if he knows where Florentius might be.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Speak with Sorine Jurard after returning to Fort Dawnguard with Dexion Evicus. She tells the Dragonborn to ask Isran about recruiting Florentius Baenius. Isran is reluctant at first, but relents, saying Florentius lives in Ruunvald, located in the mountains east of Shor's Stone and north of Riften.

Ruunvald Excavation[edit | edit source]

Upon locating Ruunvald Excavation, Volk's Journal can be found outside in a tent hinting at something amiss with the ruins. All of the Vigilants that had been working on the ruins have been subjugated and will attack on sight. Head inside and down the wooden ramp, past the crate with Discovering Ruunvald, Vol I atop, and defeat the two Vigilants. Go north into the tunnels and past the crates and a cart with three pieces of malachite ore. Kill two more Vigilants and head on past a tripwire that sets off an oil trap. Two chests can be found at various points through the tunnel.

The tunnel ends, opening up into a cavern with two more Vigilants and a husky. Head down the ramp and dispatch the enemies. Some leveled potions can be found on the western wall and a malachite ore vein is under the ramp. Discovering Ruunvald, Vol II is on a crate next to a bed roll by a large stone pillar.

Go into the next tunnel, head east and down the wooden ramp past another chest. Defeat another Vigilant and husky and head onwards through the tunnel to another cavern with a ramp leading deeper into the cave. Another Vigilant is posted here and Discovering Ruunvald, Vol III can be found on a table. Go through the tunnel and past the pressure plates that are linked to crossbows. The tunnel opens up into another large cavern that is the main entrance to the ancient ruin itself.

Volk, four Vigilants and a husky wait here. Cross the bridge and head down the wooden ramps to the floor level. A small sleeping area with a chest is by the eastern wall. To the south is an archway that leads into the Ruunvald Temple.

Ruunvald Temple[edit | edit source]

Upon entering the tunnels, head straight to the candlelit area where the book Minorne is. Go south to the large cavern where Florentius is being held in a cage while being attacked by Minorne, Moric Sidrey, and a Vigilant.

Killing Minorne results in the death of all remaining charmed vigilants. Check Minorne for the key to Florentius' cell. After a brief "discussion" with Arkay, Florentius will agree to assist the Dawnguard and will head to Fort Dawnguard. This completes the quest. 

Florentius Baenius: "I knew you had it in you! Arkay wasn't so sure. Between you and me, I think he didn't expect you to make it. But not me! I knew it all along!"
Dragonborn: "you can meet me at fort dawnguard" or "isran neds your help"
Florentius Baenius: "Isran? My help? Is this... some kind of a joke? Did Arkay put you up to this? Isran's done nothing but mock me. He's never given me the respect I deserve."
Dragonborn: "please, we need your help."
Florentius Baenius: "Look, I've just gotten myself out of quite a mess here, in case you haven't noticed, and while I appreciate your help, I... What's that? No, that's not what I... Yes, but... Are you sure? Really? Fine. Arkay says it's a good idea for me to go. I don't agree, but he's not the sort of fellow you can just ignore. I'll see you at Fort Dawnguard, then. Don't worry, Arkay will show me the way."

Journal[edit | edit source]

Bolstering the Ranks – DLC1HunterBaseStage2
ID Journal Entry
10 It's been suggested that the Dawnguard could use the help of a man named Florentius, a former Priest of Arkay. I need to speak with Isran to find out if he knows where Florentius might be.
  • Objective 10: Speak with Isran
20 I've been asked to find a man named Florentius in the hopes that he can assist the Dawnguard. I've learned that he was last seen helping the Vigilants of Stendarr in Ruunvald.
  • Objective 20: Find Florentius
200 I've rescued Florentius Baenius from Ruunvald, where he was being held captive. He's agreed to return to Fort Dawnguard and aid our cause.
  • Quest complete

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Bugs[edit | edit source]

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  • This quest must be started before completing "Touching the Sky." Otherwise, any attempt to speak with Isran will cause him to call the Dawnguard together and trigger the start of "Kindred Judgment," making it impossible to ask him about Florentius. Alternatively, you can complete it after "Kindred Judgement."
    • Fix: There is a way to fix this. After you have completed "Touching the Sky," head back to Fort Dawnguard,Isran is just standing in the middle of the hall. Speak to him and process the "Kindred Judgment." He will then gather the members of Dawnguard, and make a speech to the others. At this time, talk to Sorine. It should not give you the "this person is busy" message, so she is able to be talked to. Asking her for help, she will reveal the name of the man Florentius, and tell the Dragonborn to talk to Isran for further information. Then the quest will be started. You need to quick click the key you use to talk to others so that you can finish the conversation before Isran finishes his speech. After the conversation, wait for Isran to finish his speech and he will talk to you. After he finishes talking, we talk to him, there should be an option "I need to find a man named Florentius," and he will tell you the location.
  • Florentius may attack you for no reason at all. Using the "Bend Will" Shout will allow you to engage in dialogue with him long enough to complete the mission. He will resume attacking after the shout wears off. Not even reloading or sheathing will stop him. (If you have a bounty it is suggested to pay it before doing the quest or pay and return after a strategic retreat. Alternatively PC users can apply a simple console command player.paycrimegold (amount) (factionID).)
  •  360   When entering the temple area, you may load in Florentius' quarters and without a key, you cannot go anywhere. This is fixed with a simple reload.
  • Florentius may not follow you to Fort Dawnguard after rescuing him.

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