The Bone Hawk Ring is a unique ring found in Castle Volkihar in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. Unlike the Bone Hawk Amulet, the ring cannot be crafted.


The Bone Hawk Ring has a unique appearance in that when equipped it shows three rings on the wearer's middle three fingers. Each ring has a Bone Hawk Claw on it.


The ring can be found inside Lord Harkon's room in Castle Volkihar, locked in a display case. To obtain the ring, it must be stolen from the display case. Once the trust of the inhabitants of Castle Volkihar has been gained, taking the ring will not be considered theft; however, the lock on the display case must still be picked. After an undetermined amount of time, the ring will respawn in the display case. It can be acquired after joining either faction, however if the Dragonborn joins the Dawnguard it isn't obtainable until the very end of the main quest of the DLC, when they re-enter Castle Volkihar to confront Harkon. Even then, taking anything in the castle is considered theft for an unknown reason, but they can fence the ring and buy it back to remove the stolen tag.


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  • If the ring is put on a mannequin, sometimes it will not be on it visually, but it will still be considered equipped.