Book of Life was both a process and a journal that kept track of people and livestock in certain region.


After occupation of new territories, more specifically, province that is now known as High Rock in 1E 264, Nords had to tell the value of the new lands. Thus as the very first civilized act Nords performed census, also called as the Book of Life.[1]

The process was also performed at later dates, it was kept to see the progression of towns and villages. It is recorded that one such census was performed once again in Daggerfall in 3E 401.[1]


"North of the Highest bluffs, south of the moors, west of the hills, and east of the sea is called DAGGERFALL. 110 men, 93 women, 13 children under 8 years of age, 58 cows, 7 bulls, 63 chickens, 11 cocks, 38 hogs live here."
―Page 933 of the Book