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[[The pages of the BOOK OF LIFE AND SERVICE overflow with obscure mystical pronouncements and prophecies, few of which are comprehensible, much less relevant to your situation. However, the following two excerpts seem of possible interest. The first suggests classification of entities to be encountered here on the Soul Cairn. The second may be an invocation of command.]]

The Ranks of the BlessedEdit

Blessed are the Bonemen, for they serve without self in spirit forever.

Blessed are the Mistmen, for they blend in the glory of the transcendent spirit.

Blessed are the Wrathmen, for they render their rage unto the ages.

Blessed are the Masters, for they bridge the past and span the future.

The Litany of ServiceEdit

The Boneman's OathEdit

We die.

We pray.

To live.

We serve.

The Master's VoiceEdit

You swore.

To Serve.

Your Lord.



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