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Books are reams of printed pages held together with binding. In An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire, there are a number of unique books and plenty that return from previous titles.

List of booksEdit

The following are a list of books that can be found in An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire:

Tite Author Overview
Anchor Warning Clarentavious Valisious
Arcana Restored Wapna Neustra
A Short History of The Augmented Craftworks Anonymous
Book of Life and Service Anonymous
Book of Rest and Endings Anonymous
Book of the Wheels of Heaven Anonymous
Boustrophedon Note Clarentavious Valisious
Chimere's Journal Chimere Graegyn
Chimere's Notes Chimere Graegyn
Codex Arcana, Vol I Anonymous
Codex Arcana, Vol II Anonymous
Codex Arcana, Vol III Anonymous
Codex Arcana, Vol IV Anonymous
Codex Arcana, Vol V Anonymous
Codex Arcana, Vol VI Anonymous
Codex Arcana, Vol VII Anonymous
Codex Arcana, Vol VIII Anonymous
Codex Arcana, Vol IX Anonymous
Curiosities of the Second Age Anonymous
Harvest's End Chimere Graegyn
Imago's Notes on Neonymics Imago Storm
Intelligence Training Note Anonymous Architectural message
Jagar Tharn's Letter Jagar Tharn
Kendhall Book of Riddles Kendhall
King Edward, Book VII Anonymous
Legendary Scourge Anonymous
Lehmekweh Note Mehrunes Dagon
Letter from Balaherne Balaherne
Letter from Chimere Graegyn Chimere Graegyn
Letters from the Dremora Anonymous
Letters for the Battlespire Hero Vatasha Trenelle and Josian Kaid
Letter to the Grand Marshall of the Imperial Legion Clarentavious Valisious
Malham's Annotated Compendium of Arcane Contrivances of the Second Age, Volume IV Malham
Note Anonymous
Note from Deyanira Deyanira
Note from Herne Herne
Note to Mactana Greenway Anonymous
Quarantine Warning Coastal Militia Architectural message
Savior's Hide Note Chimere Graegyn Architectural message
Someone's Last Words Anonymous
Soul Cairn Coffin Verses Inscription Anonymous Architectural message
Soul Cairn Retainer Inscription Anonymous Architectural message
Soul Cairn Stained Glass Window Note Anonymous Architectural message
Spear of Bitter Mercy Inscription Anonymous Architectural message
Spirit of the Daedra Anonymous
Star Galley Crib Note Anonymous Architectural message
Star Galley Crib Opening Mechanism Note Clarentavious Valisious Architectural message
Starlover's Log Samar Starlover
Starkhorn's Compendium of His Arts and Crafts in the Realms of Lesser Enchantments Starkhorn
The Posting of the Hunt Anonymous
The Requisite Book of Daedra Anonymous
The Restricted List Of Noble Artifacts Anonymous
The Vagaries of Magicka Anonymous
The Waters of Oblivion Anonymous
Trebuchet Ritual Anonymous
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