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The following are books, notes, journals, and other written works contained in the Bloodmoon expansion pack. This includes four skill books, although one is not found in-game and is only obtainable on the PC by using the console.

NameAuthorNotesItem ID
A Blood-Stained Note E.Found with a secret stash of equipment near Thirsk.sc_bloodynote_s
Airship Captain's Journal Roberto JodoinCommander of the Beauchamp Expedition's journal.bk_Airship_Captains_Journal
Bloody Note AntoinetteA thief's note found at Frossel.sc_frosselnote
Bloody Note JacquesA thief's note found at Fjell. Increases Security skill when read.sc_fjellnote
Colony Status Report Falco GalenusA report of recent happenings at the Raven Rock mine.bk_colonyreport
Custom Fur Armor Price List BrynjolfrLists prices for cold-resistant light armor available at Thirsk.sc_fur_armor
EEC Stock Certificate Carnius MagiusStock in the East Empire Company's Raven Rock mine.bk_BM_Stockcert
Erna's Note to Brandr Erna the QuietA note from Erna to her lover.sc_Erna
Erna's Note to Erna Erna the QuietVital information cut from the game: Erna needs forks.sc_Erna01
Fall of the Snow Prince LokheimA historical account of the Battle of the Moesring.bk_snowprince
Jeleen's Sad Farewell JeleenA priest's suicide note.sc_jeleen
Journal of Fryssa FryssaA brief diatribe concerning the creation of Whitewalker.bk_fryssajournal
Letter from Rigmor to Risi Rigmor HalfhandA note revealing an intimate affair.bk_BMtrial_unique
Locations of the Stones Korst Wind-EyeA map of Solstheim's six Standing Stones.bk_BM_StoneMap
Note from a Glenmoril Witch Agnes of GlenmorilNotes concerning a cure for lycanthropy.sc_witchnote
Note from Carnius Carnius MagiusA missive instructing the betrayal of a collaborator.bk_carniusnote
Odd Rumor HelenaMentions a possible sign that witches have come to Solstheim.sc_rumornote_bm
Old, Wet Note Heinlen the HeavyReveals the location the Snow Prince's armor.sc_fjaldingnote
Pirate Captain's Note Not specifiedA cryptic poem that provides hints concerning the location of a hidden treasure.sc_piratetreasure
Rogue Necromancer's Journal Rogue NecromancerThe journal of a necromancer seeking the Mantle of Woe.bk_necrojournal
Settler's Journal Not specifiedAn account of an attempted settlement of the Legge cave.bk_leggejournal
Sovngarde, a Reexamination Bereditte JastalSpeculation regarding Sovngarde.bk_Sovngarde
Tattered Note Carnius MagiusEvidence of a violent hoax.bk_colony_Toralf
Thauraver's Orders K.A note ordering the execution of escaped slaves. Increases Security skill when read.sc_sjobalnote
The Song of Grandfather Frost Not specifiedCut content. Increases Alchemy skill when read.sc_GrandfatherFrost
The Song of Uncle Sweetshare Not specifiedIncreases Alchemy skill when read.sc_unclesweetshare
The Story of Aevar Stone-Singer Not specifiedA traditional Skaal fable involving a quest to recover the Gifts of the All-Maker.bk_BM_Aevar
Thirsk, a History Bereditte JastalInformation concerning the history and chieftains of Thirsk.bk_ThirskHistory
Thirsk, a History -- Revised Bereditte JastalAn updated edition, including a recent attack by The Udyrfrykte.bk_ThirskHistory_revised_f

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