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The following is a list of all books, journals, notes and letters that appear in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

Books and lettersEdit

Title Author Overview Locations
36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 37 Vivec The 37th religious sermon of demigod Vivec. Vivec's Palace
A Guide to Dwemer Mega-Structures
A Guide to Liturgical Vestments
A One-Time Offer
A Petition for the Mighty Nix-Ox Kylia Thando A note for a petition to protect nix-oxen. Suran
A Tale of Baar Dau Amili Drals A story on how Baar Dau was stopped by Vivec. Vivec City
Adventurers Wanted!
An "Invitation" to Discovery
Ancestral Tombs of Vvardenfell
Archcanon Tarvus Interview
Ashlander Tribes and Customs
Assassin's Orders
Ballad of Dranoth Hleran
Bandit's Letter
Barilzar's Hirelings
Blessed Almalexia's Fables for Afternoon
Blessed Almalexia's Fables for Evening
Blessed Almalexia's Fables for Morning
Blood-Soaked Letter
Bloody Note
Bothamul's Orders Quest note in The Heart of a Telvanni East of Tel Aruhn
Brave Little Scrib Song
Buoyant Armigers: Swords of Vivec
Captain's Note
Chodala's Writings
Cogitation Log 1322331455212478
Come to Vvardenfell
Council Meeting Summons
Dark Elves, Dark Hearts
Devotee Journal
Devotee's Journal
Diary Page
Divayth Fyr's Notes
Drovos Research Notes 1
Drovos Research Notes 2
Drovos Research Notes 3
Drunken Aphorisms
Egg Mines and You!
Ferhara's Warclaws
Firuth's Writ of Endorsement
For Glory!
Freshly-Penned Note
Gavros's Journal
Gavros's Research Notes
Good Travels!
Halinjirr's Notes
Hlaalu Construction Syndic
Hlaalu Letter
Hlaalu Letter of Complaint
Honorable Writs of Execution
House Redoran Advisory
House Redoran Proclamation
House Redoran Registry
How to Use the Tonal Inverter
Incarnate Aduri's Scroll
Incarnate Danaat's Scroll
Incarnate Ranso's Scroll
Instructions for Lothnarth
Investigator Vale in Vvardenfell
Journal of a Fallen Officer
Journal Page
Letter to Councilor Dorvala
Letter to Eraven
Letter to Kharekh gra-Bagrat
Letter to Marshal Hlaren
Letter to Master Rethan
Letter to Mertis
Letter to Savarak
Lord Vivec's Questions
Magister Otheri's Research Journal
Magister's Writ
Mean Old Torchbug
Meeting with Chodala
Menaldinion's Advert
Miner's Scrawled Note
Miner's Warning
Mistress Dratha's Journal
My Dearest Love
My Golden Child
Narsis Dren and the Cursed Coffin
Nix-Hounds: A Manual for New Owners
Notice to All Research Assistants
Oath-Bound: An Outlander's Rise Vol. 1
Ode to Ethrandora
Omaren Trial Transcript
On Extending Existence
On Moving Ebonheart
On the Clockwork City
Ongoing Journal of Galur Rithari
Ordinator Edict: Mandate Seven
Ordinator Edict: Mandate Sixteen
Ordinator Edict: Mandate Thirty-Four
Ordinator Edict: Mandate Twenty-One
Ordinator Edict: Mandate Twenty-Seven
Ordinators: A Comprehensive Guide
Pact Pamphlet: Congratulations!
Pierced Note
Prisoner's Testimony
Quarantine Notice
Red Exile Instructions
Red Mountain Drinking Song
Red Mountain's Might
Report from Captain Brivan
Ridena's Letter to Drovos
Ritual of Appeasement
Ruddy Man Rhyme
Scribbled Note
Seythen's Journal
Shipping Notice
Shrine of Daring
Shrine of Generosity
Shrine Scavenging Journal
Silt Strider Caravaner's Log
Silt-Strider Station
Six are the Walking Ways
Skin Blights by Any Other Name
Slave Testimony from Arano Plantation
Snorfin's Notes: Arkngthunch-Sturdumz
Songs of Vvardenfell
Sun-in-Shadow's To Do List
Teas and Tisanes for Aches and Pains
Tel Fyr, Additional Specifications
Telvanni Journal
Telvanni Memo
Testimonials on Baar Dau Minerva Calo The source of Baar Dau from different perspectives. Vivec City
Testimonials on Mushroom Towers
The Archcanon's Journal
The Art of Kwama Egg Cooking
The Cliff-Strider Song
The Flames of the Fetcherfly
The Grave of Skar
The Heart of Lorkhan, My Final Prize
The Library of Andule
The Lure of the Camonna Tong
The Nycotic Cult
The Rituals of Appeasement
The Song of the Word
The Source of the Formula
The Truth in Sequence: Volume 1
The Truth in Sequence: Volume 2
The Truth in Sequence: Volume 3
The Truth in Sequence: Volume 4
The Truth in Sequence: Volume 5
The Truth in Sequence: Volume 6
The Vile Truth of Barbas
The Vvardvark Experiment
The Waiting Door
The Worth of Glass
Therana's Correspondence
Torn Page
Understanding House Dres
Understanding House Hlaalu
Understanding House Indoril
Understanding House Redoran
Understanding the Living Gods
Unfinished Report
Varieties of Faith: The Dark Elves
Volrina's Notes
Vvardenfell Flora and Fauna
Vvardenfell Volumes
Warning to Miners
Who are the Wardens?
Wise-woman's Journal Page
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