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This page lists all Letters and Notes in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. There are numerous letters and notes. These are almost exclusively for lore and backstory, but a few are part of quests.

Notes, letters, and documentsEdit

NameAuthorOverviewItem ID
A Dying Man's Last Words IndieThe final thoughts of a dying man.sc_Indie
A Hastily Scrawled Note JoldaA note detailing that the Cure Blight Disease is all Jolda's.bk_joldanote
A Leaflet DomalenA slander pamphlet against Aurane Frernis.bk_leaflet_false
A Scrawled Note Vulpriss DenissonNotes regarding the death of friend with a warning to others.sc_Vulpriss
A Scroll Written In Blood MalakiMalaki's final thoughts before his demise.sc_Malaki
A Worn and Weathered Note UnknownSome ramblings and reflection on ones life.bk_note
Ajira's Flower Report AjiraAjira's report on many of the flowers within Vvardenfell.bk_Ajira2
Ajira's Mushroom Report AjiraAjira's report on many of the mushroom within Vvardenfell.bk_Ajira1
Ascadian Isles Land Deed Rovone ArvelA document of Orvas Dren's ownership of property.bk_landdeed_hhrd
Aurane Frernis' Recipies Aurane FrernisA list of Aurane Frernis's Alchemical Recipes.bk_AuraneFrernis1
Client List Audenian ValiusA list of all Audenian Valius's clients.bk_clientlist
Construction Contract UnknownA contract detailing the terms to build one of the Strongholds.bk_stronghold_c_hlaalu
Cure Blight Potion Notice JoldaA note detailing Jolda's business interests.bk_BlightPotionNotice
Dagoth Ur's Plans Tribunal TempleSome documents prepared by Temple scholars and agents of the Inquisition for Lord Vivec.bk_Dagoth_Urs_Plans
Decoded Package Glabrio BellienusA document detailing who the Nerevarine is.bk_a1_1_packagedecoded
Deed to Indrele's House Velanda OmaniA deed for proof of ownership to the home.bk_indreledeed
Directions to Caius Cosades Glabrio BellienusA set of directions to find Caius Cosades.bk_a1_1_directionscaiuscosades
Dispel Potion Formula Anis SelothAl-chemical formula to create dispel.bk_dispelrecipe_tgca
Dren's Note Orvas DrenNote of blackmail and murder.bk_drenblackmail
Dwemer Museum Welcome Master AryonA pamphlet for all those wishing to visit the museum.bk_dwemermuseumwelcome
Elone's Directions to Balmora EloneA set of instructions on how to get from Seyda Neen to Balmora.bk_a1_1_elone_to_Balmora
Galtis Guvron's Note Hanarai AssutlanipalA note regarding a shipment of statues.bk_galtisguvronsnote
Ghost-Free Papers Uleni HeleranA humorous pamphlet about ghosts and the Gateway Inn.bk_uleni's_papers
Gnisis Eggmine Pass DariusA pass allowing its bearer entrance to Gnisis Eggmine.bk_gnisiseggminepass
Hasphat's Notes for Cosades Hasphat AntabolisSome notes prepared by Hasphat Antabolis for Caius Cosades.bk_a1_2_antabolistocosades
Honorable Writ of Execution Morag TongA contract to assassinate an individual.writ_baladas
Hospitality Papers AngaredhelBy Proclamation of House Telvanni, Town of Sadrith Mora, District of Vvardenfell, by Authority of the Sovereign Council of the Great House Telvanni and its Several Client and Subsidiary Houses and Clans.bk_hospitality_papers
Imperial Museum Welcome Master AryonA pamphlet for all those wishing to visit the museum.bk_impmuseumwelcome
Invoice Imperial Bedding SuppliesA small document regarding shipments.bk_pillowinvoice
Itermerel's Notes ItermerelNotes on the persistence of Oblivion streams.bk_itermerelsnotes
Kagrenac's Tools Gilvas BareloAn overview from the Apography by Gilvas Barelo, Abbot of Holamayan, and various of the Dissident Priests.bk_kagrenac'stools
Letter from Gadayn Gadayn AndarysA letter from Gadayn to Eraldil about his crush.bk_letterfromgadayn
Letter From J'Zhirr J'ZhirrA letter detailing business with the East Empire Company.bk_letterfromjzhirr
Letter From Llaalam Dredil Llaalam DredilA listing of prices.bk_letterfromllaalam
Letter from Ocato OcatoA letter informing Arch-Mage Trebonius Artorius of his immediate resignation.bk_ocato_recommendation
Letter from Tsrazami TsrazamiA letter for those wishing to join the Dark Brotherhood.bk_miungei
Letter to Senilias Cadiusus Hasphat AntabolisA letter giving an overview of the Nerevarine's recent accomplishments.bk_a1_2_introtocadiusus
Map of Red Mountain Buoyant ArmigerA map of a birds eye view over Red Mountain.bk_red_mountain_Map
Message from Dagoth Ur Dagoth UrAn appeal for a truce from a god to his former master.bk_a2_2_dagoth_message
Message from Master Aryon Master AryonAn encrypted letter written in Daedric.bk_messagefrommasteraryon
Mission to Vivec Caius CosadesSome notes prepared by Caius Cosades to summarize the mission to Vivec City.bk_a1_v_vivecinformants
Nerevarine cult notes Sharn gra-MuzgobSome notes from Sharn gra-Muzgob to Caius Cosades.bk_a1_4_sharnsnotes
Note from Bakarak BakarakA note of Bakarak giving a warning.bk_Nerano
Note from Bashuk BashukA note questioning the Nerevarine.bk_notefrombashuk
Note from Berwen BerwenNotes on a delivery of a bed.bk_notefromberwen
Note From Bildren Bildren ArelethNotes detailing how to create Cure Common Disease potion.bk_notefrombildren
Note from Bugrol Bugrol gro-BagulDetails on Burgol's wariness and being terrified.bk_notefrombugrol
Note From Ernil Ernil OmoranSmall note about a shipment of goods.bk_notefromernil
Note from Ferele Ferele AthramNote encouraging the creation of Cure Common Disease potions.bk_notefromferele
Note from Irgola IrgolaSmall note indicating a final notice has been sent to Valvius Mevureius.bk_notefromirgola
Note from J'zhirr J'zhirrA to do list for J'zhirr.bk_NoteFromJ'Zhirr
Note from Nelos NelosA note asking for forgiveness.bk_notefromnelos
Note from Oritius Maro Oritius MaroSome rumors of Uriel visiting Vvardenfell and a plot against him.bk_talostreason
Note From Radras RadrasRadras's patience has worn thin.bk_notefromradras
Note from Sondaale SondaaleAn update on Sondaale's scouting excursions.bk_notefromsondaale
Note from the Archcanon Dileno LloranA package sealed with an anonymous wax seal, containing a single-page, unsigned note.bk_saryoni_note
Note to Amaya Mehra MiloNotes regarding a meeting and returning borrowed goods.bk_NoteToAmaya
Note to Caldera Guard Elyna NorvaynA notice to all guards of Caldera.bk_notetocalderaguard
Note to Falanaamo ShenkA letter asking for Expensive shoes.bk_falaanamonote
Note to Giden Rels TenimNotes on various duties around Shallit.bk_shalit_note
Note to Hlevala Orvas DrenAn overview of how well things are going on the plantation.bk_Dren_Hlevala_note
Note to Hrisskar Ganciele DouarDetails on a past wager.bk_note_to_hrisskar
Note to Inorra InorraNotes on a punishment.bk_notetoinorra
Note to Mages Stlennius VibatoNote encouraging discretion to the mages of Caldera.bk_notetocalderamages
Note to Malsa Ules Bolvyn VenimOrders to keep the special guest under guard at all times.bk_notetomalsa
Note to Menus Ienasa RadasA small welcoming note.bk_notetomenus
Note to Salyn Sarethi Bal MolagmerA note explaining that Enamor has been stolen by a thief.bk_enamor
Note to Slaves UnknownNotes on the rules of the slaves.bk_notetocalderaslaves
Note to Telvon UnknownNote detailing two characters avoiding Indoranyon.bk_notetotelvon
Note to Valvius IrgolaLetter regarding a declined offer for Cyrodilic Brandy.bk_notetovalvius
Notes by Aryon Master AryonThis paper is filled with cryptic notes taken by Master Aryon while reading N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis!.bk_notebyaryon
Notes from Huleeya HuleeyaSome notes for Caius Cosades.bk_A1_7_HuleeyaInformant
Notice Burcanius VaroA simple notice advising to stay out of the storage.bk_storagenotice
Odral's Land Deed Rovone ArvelA deed providing proof of ownership of the property.bk_landdeedfake_hhrd
Order From Mollismo Mollimo of CloudrestSome orders about crates of Steel Armor.bk_orderfrommollismo
Order Manifest UnknownThis paper lists orders from all over Morrowind for Kwama eggs from Therana's farm.bk_eggorders
Package for Caius Cosades Sellus GraviusAn encrypted message.bk_a1_1_caiuspackage
Page from History of the Empire UnknownAn unreadable page from "Brief History of the Empire, Book I." The volume is unknown.bk_ILHermit_Page
Parchment with Scrawlings Sixth HouseA note with some ramblings.bk_6thhouseravings
Peke Utchoo's Last Words Peke UtchooThe last thoughts of an adventurer who brought about his own demise.note_Peke_Utchoo
Plan to Defeat Dagoth Ur VivecAn informative plan to defeat the enemy of the Tribunal.bk_vivecsplan
Prisoner Checklist House HlaaluDetails on the current prisoners.bk_V_hlaaluprison
Property of Jolda JoldaA simple warning to not touch or open her belongings.bk_propertyofjolda
Public Notice Berel SalaA public warning on the Nerevarine.bk_NerevarineNotice
Ravila Memorial UnknownA pamphlet detailing Ravila Neryon and her demise.bk_ravilamemorial
Release Identification Socucius ErgallaAn overview of the Nerevarine.bk_chargen statsheet
Rels Tenim Journal Page UnknownAn account on a bargain that's ethics are questioned.bk_shalitjournal_deal
Rethan Manor Land Deed UnknownA deed for proof of ownership of the property.bk_stronghold_ld_hlaalu
Saint Nerevar Tribunal TempleA simple Temple pamphlet for Western readers.bk_SaintNerevar
Scroll of Tyronius TyroniusA note from a dying mans last thoughts.sc_Tyronius
Shipping Notice UnknownThis note details shipments of standard supplies such as drinks, food and furniture to the Varo Tradehouse.bk_varoorders
Sold Out Notice Bildren ArelethA note detailing that some potions are out of stock.bk_notesoldout
The Battle of Molag Beran UnknownA Dunmer traditional ballad.bk_Battle_Molag_Beran
The Lost Prophecy Gilvas BareloFrom the Apographa of the Dissident Priests, annotated by Gilvas Barelo, Abbot of Holamayan.bk_thelostprophecy
The Seven Curses Gilvas BareloFrom the Apographa of the Dissident Priests, annotated by Gilvas Barelo, Abbot of Holamayan.bk_thesevencurses
Tiram Gadar's Credentials Tiram GadarA llter detaling Tiram's credentials to the Arch-Mage.bk_tiramgadarscredentials
Tradehouse Notice House HlaaluAn account on the current events at Seyda Neen.bk_arrilles_tradehouse
Treasury Orders Odral HelviA request to find land deeds.bk_treasuryorders
Treasury Report UnknownAn encrypted document about the treasury.bk_treasuryreport
Weapons and Armor Contract Felyn SaranasA contract to retrieve various weapons and armor.bk_contract_ralen
Widow Vabdas' Land Deed Abelmawia EribaelA deed for proof of ownership of property.bk_widowdeed
Yngling's Letter Tholer SaryoniDetails for a request of funds.bk_ynglingletter
Zainsubani's Notes Hassour ZainsubaniSome notes on the Ashlanders and the Nerevarine cult prepared by Hassour Zainsubani.bk_a1_11_zainsubaninotes

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