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Skill book with skill message.

For other uses, see Books.

Books are one of several items found and purchased in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


There are over a hundred books in Oblivion, and when first opened, some will grant either a quest, a level in a certain skill, teach a spell, or add a new location to the map. Other books vary from simple stories, purely for the player's amusement, to journals that assist in quests and lore that helps to become familiar with the culture and history of Tamriel. A few books educate about the nature of the Daedra. The lore books have no real in-game use, but can be sold to certain merchants for reasonable amounts of gold or put in bookcases for decoration.

Training books[]

  • Skill Books: Opening the book for the first time increases a specific skill by one. Opening a different copy of the book will not yield another skill point.
  • Spell Tomes: Opening the book gives the option to learn a spell (of matching book title) and destroy the book. (These are only available through the Spell Tomes DLC.)

Available books[]

Title Location(s) Skill Item ID
2920, vol 01 - Morning Star Castle Leyawiin
Battlehorn Castle
Blade 000243E4
2920, vol 02 - Sun's Dawn Great Chapel of Julianos Mysticism 00024538
2920, vol 03 - First Seed Southern Books 000243D7
2920, vol 04 - Rain's Hand Great Chapel of Mara Restoration 0002453F
2920, vol 05 - Second Seed Imperial City Palace in Chancellor Ocato's quarters Speechcraft 0002454D
2920, vol 06 - Mid Year Fire and Steel Heavy Armor 00024402
2920, vol 07 - Sun's Height Black Horse Courier in Imperial City, Market District Mercantile 00024534
2920, vol 08 - Last Seed Bravil inside City Swimmer's House Sneak 00024547
2920, vol 09 - Hearth Fire Great Chapel of Talos Conjuration 000243F4
2920, vol 10 - Frostfall Chapel of Dibella Conjuration 000243F5
2920, vol 11 - Sun's Dusk Leyawiin Mages Guild 000243D3
2920, vol 12 - Evening Star Anvil Castle 000243DB
A Children's Anuad (see book's page for full list) 00024576
A Dance in Fire, Book I Cheydinhal – In Ganredhel's House Acrobatics 000243CB
A Dance in Fire, Book II Imperial City – in the Elven Gardens District Block 000243EA
A Dance in Fire, Book III Skingrad – Inside Uuras the Shepherd's House Athletics 000243DF
A Dance in Fire, Book IV Kvatch – In Castle Kvatch Acrobatics 000243CC
A Dance in Fire, Book V Regner's House in Bruma Marksman 00024411
A Dance in Fire, Book VI Chorrol in Casta Scribonia's House Mercantile 00024535
A Dance in Fire, Book VII Two Sides of the Coin possible reward Speechcraft 00024536
A Game at Dinner Chorrol Mages Guild

Frostcrag Spire (requires Wizard's Tower DLC)

Alchemy 000243CF
A Hypothetical Treachery Castle Skingrad Destruction 000243F9
A Less Rude Song (see book's page for full list) 00024569
A Life of Uriel Septim VII Arcane University
Claudius Arcadia's House
Advances in Lockpicking Cheydinhal – In Mach-Na's Books
Fingerbowl Cave
Security 00073A65
Aevar Stone-Singer Arcane University in Arch-Mage's Quarters
Temple District at Roland Jenseric's house
Ahzirr Traajijazeri Cheydinhal in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Bruma in J'Ghasta's House
Arcana Restored Leyawiin in Southern Books
Cheydinhal in Mach-Na's Books
Arcane University in Arch-Mage's Quarters
Azura and the Box Anvil in Pinarus Inventius' house
Anvil mid-deck of The Serpent's Wake
Battle of Sancre Tor Castle Bravil
Two Sides of the Coin reward
Bear Season possible reward
Blade 00073A61
Before The Ages Of Man Arcane UniversityChironasium Mysticism 00073A63
Beggar Cloud Ruler Temple Athletics 000243E1
Beggar Prince (see book's page for full list) 0001FB53
Bible of the Deep Ones Leyawiin in Southern Books
Hackdirt inside chapel
Biography of Barenziah, v 1 (see book's page for full list) 00024550
Biography of Barenziah, v 2 (see book's page for full list) 00024551
Biography of Barenziah, v 3 (see book's page for full list) 00024552
Biography of the Wolf Queen Caught in the Hunt reward
Imperial City Waterfront in Armand Christophe's House
Speechcraft 0002454B
Brief History of the Empire, Book I (see book's page for full list) 00024554
Brief History of the Empire, Book II (see book's page for full list) 00024555
Brief History of the Empire, Book III (see book's page for full list) 00024556
Brief History of the Empire, Book IV (see book's page for full list) 00024557
Calcinator Treatise Two Sides of the Coin reward Alchemy 00073A5F
Cherim's Heart of Anequina First Edition Armorer 000243DC
Children of the Sky Mystic Archives
Arch-Mage's Quarters
Chimarvamidium Imperial Legion Compound Heavy Armor 00024403
Cleansing of the Fane (see book's page for full list) 0002C8DD
Darkest Darkness (see book's page for full list) 00024564
Daughter Of The Niben Skingrad Mages Guild Alteration 000243d4
De Rerum Dirennis All Things Alchemical 000243D2
Death Blow Of Abernanit Anvil Fighters Guild Block 000243E8
Dwemer History and Culture (see book's page for full list) 00022B17
Fall of the Snow Prince CheydinhalMach-Na's Books
Imperial City Waterfront District
Marie Elena
Castle Bruma – In display case
Father Of The Niben Castle Bravil Marksman 00024530
Feyfolken, Book I Elven Gardens District in Herminia Cinna's House
Imperial Palace Library
Feyfolken, Book II First Edition 000243ED
Feyfolken, Book III Imperial Palace Library 000243F1
Fighters Guild History, 1st Ed. Mystic Archives
Chorrol Fighters Guild
Anvil Fighters Guild
Heavy Armor 000A915C
Fire and Darkness Hall of Epochs Blade 000243E5
Five Songs of King Wulfharth Mystic Archives
Castle Chorrol
First Edition
Followers of the Gray Fox Imperial City Waterfront among others 00024595
Fragment: On Artaeum Southern Books
Cloud Ruler Temple
Frontier, Conquest Southern Books
First Edition
Fundamentals of Alchemy (see book's page for full list) 00024567
Galerion the Mystic (see book's page for full list) 00024568
Glories and Laments Cloud Ruler Temple 0000A2B3
Gods and Worship (see book's page for full list) 0002456F
Guide to Anvil (see book's page for full list) 0002455B
Guide to Bravil (see book's page for full list) 0002455F
Guide to Bruma (see book's page for full list) 0002455E
Guide to Cheydinhal (see book's page for full list) 00024561
Guide to Chorrol (see book's page for full list) 0002455D
Guide to Leyawiin (see book's page for full list) 00024560
Guide to Skingrad (see book's page for full list) 0002455C
Guide to the Imperial City (see book's page for full list) 00024562
Hallgerd's Tale Chorrol Fighters Guild Heavy Armor 00024401
Hanging Gardens (see book's page for full list) 0002458A
Heavy Armor Repair Random Armorer 00073A68
History of Lock Picking First Edition 0001FB51
History of the Fighters Guild Fort Homestead
Battlehorn Castle (requires purchase of the Fighter's Stronghold plug-in
Heavy Armor 00024405
How Orsinium Passed to Orcs Castle Bruma Heavy Armor 00024404
Ice and Chitin Ahdarji's House Light Armor 0002440C
Imbel Genealogy Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters. 000152FD
Immortal Blood J'Ghasta's House
Seridur's House
Tent outside Vilverin
Hand-to-Hand 000243FC
Incident at Necrom Willow Bank Illusion 00024408
King Anvil Castle
Battlehorn Castle (requires purchase of the Fighter's Stronghold plug-in)
Blunt 000243F0
Knightfall First Edition 00022E65
Legend of Krately House Cloud Ruler Temple Sneak 00024549
Light Armor Repair Castle Bravil Armorer 00073A67
Liminal Bridges Mystic Archives Conjuration 00073A60
Lord Jornibret's Last Dance Bleak Flats Cave Light Armor 0002440D
Lost Histories of Tamriel Nerastarel's House 000C4A2B
Mace Etiquette Bear Season Blunt 00073A66
Mages Guild Charter Given when joining the Mages Guild 00026D8B
Magic From The Sky Skingrad Mages Guild

Mystic Archives Atatar

Mannimarco, King of Worms Mystic Archives Alchemy 000243D0
Manual of Armor Mystic Archives
Fighters Guild training halls
Manual of Arms Shafaye's House
First Edition
Mach-Na's Books
Manual of Spellcraft (see book's page for full list) 0002456b
Master Zoaraym's Tale (see book's page for full list) 00024400
Mixed Unit Tactics (see book's page for full list) 0002456C
Modern Heretics Cloud Ruler Temple 00026B1D
More Than Mortal (see book's page for full list) 0002453A
Mysterious Akavir (see book's page for full list) 0002456E
Mystery of Talara, Book I Two Sides of the Coin reward Athletics 000243CE
Mystery of Talara, Book II Two Sides of the Coin reward Restoration 00024540
Mystery of Talara, Book III Two Sides of the Coin reward Destruction 000243FB
Mystery of Talara, Book IV Two Sides of the Coin reward
Fort Caractacus
Illusion 0002440A
Mystery of Talara, Book V Lustratorium
Renoit's Books
Mysticism Chorrol Mages Guild
Skingrad Mages Guild
(see book's page for full list)
Myth or Menace? Mystic Archives
First Edition
The Stranger's house
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1 Castle Bravil
Ulen Athram's House
Underneath section of Jearl's house
Conjuration 00022B04
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 2 (see book's page for full list) Destruction 00022B05
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 3 First Edition
Mythic Dawn base
Illusion 00022B06
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 4 In sewers after fighting Raven Camoran Mysticism 00022B07
Nerevar Moon And Star Castle Chorrol Private Quarters 0002458C
N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! Mach-Na's Books 0002458D
Night Falls on Sentinel Goblin Jim's Cave Blunt 000243EF
Nirnroot Missive Handed over by Sinderion 0004E95E
Notes on Racial Phylogeny Chapel of Stendarr Restoration 0002453D
On Morrowind (see book's page for full list) 0002456D
On Oblivion Renoit's Books
Mystic Archives
Origin of the Mages Guild Chorrol Mages Guild
Anvil Mages Guild
Palla, Book I Arkved's Tower 00024409
Palla, Book II Anvil Castle
Leyawiin Mages Guild
Pension of the Ancestor Moth Temple of the Ancestor Moths 000982F0
Proper Lock Design Imperial City Waterfront in Dareloth's house Security 00073A64
Provinces of Tamriel Southern Books
Renoit's Books
Mystic Archives
Purloined Shadows Random loot Sneak 0002454A
Reality & Other Falsehoods Southern Books Alteration 00073A69
Remanada Cloud Ruler Temple 000BF1CF
Report: Disaster at Ionith (see book's page for full list) 00024558
Response to Bero's Speech Mystic Archives Destruction 000243F8
Rislav The Righteous Deepscorn Hollow's Deepscorn Bastion (requires The Vile Lair plugin) Light Armor 0002440F
The Ruins of Kemel-Ze (see book's page for full list) 00024575
Sacred Witness Lake Arrius Caverns Sneak 00024548
Shezarr and the Nine Divines Great Chapel of Julianos
Great Chapel of Zenithar
Mystic Archives
Sithis Great Chapel of Zenithar

Deepscorn Bastion

Alteration 000243D6
Song of Hrormir Imperial City ArenaBranwen and Saliith's Chest
Castle Bravil
Arch-Mage Private Quarters in the Arcane University
Blade 000243E6
Song of the Alchemists Lustratorium Alchemy 000243D1
Souls, Black and White Fort Cuptor

Echo Cave

Mysticism 00073A6B
Spirit of the Daedra Mystic Archives
Arch-Mage's Quarters
Surfeit of Thieves Leyawiin, Telepe Security 00024545
Steward's Registry Sundercliff Watch (Mehrunes' Razor Plug-In) xx001995
Tamrielic Lore (see book's page for full list) 0002457A
Ten Commands: Nine Divines First Edition
Great Chapel of Julianos
Weynon Priory
The Adabal-a (see book's page for full list) xx000ed3
The Amulet of Kings (see book's page for full list) 00024578
The Argonian Account, Book I Bear Season random reward Hrotanda Vale Athletics 000243E2
The Argonian Account, Book II (see book's page for full list) 00024559
The Argonian Account, Book III Mystic Archives of the Arcane University Illusion 00024407
The Argonian Account, Book IV (see book's page for full list) 0002455A
The Armorer's Challenge First Edition
Cheydinhal Fighters Guild
Armorer 000243D9
The Art of War Magic Leafrot Cave Destruction 000243FA
The Black Arrow, Book I Brindle Home Acrobatics 000243CD
The Black Arrow, Book II Teinaava's chest Marksman 00024531
The Black Arts On Trial Mystic Emporium Mysticism 00024539
The Book of Daedra (see book's page for full list) 00024563
The Brothers of Darkness J'Ghasta's House
Glarthir's House
Francois Motierre's House
The Buying Game Fathis Ules' House Mercantile 00024532
The Doors of Oblivion Anvil Mages Guild
Cloud Ruler Temple
Tower above Fort Caractacus on north side of Lake Rumare
Conjuration 000243F2
The Dragon Break Dovyn Aren's House Alteration 000243D5
The Exodus Great Chapel of Julianos Restoration 0002453E
The Firmament (see book's page for full list) 0002457B
The Five Tenets Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Fort Farragut
J'Ghasta's House
The Gold Ribbon of Merit Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Marksman 00024410
The Horror of Castle Xyr Bravil Mages Guild Destruction 000243F7
The Importance of Where Castle Bravil Blunt 000243EE
The Knights of the Nine Southern Books
Mystic Archives
Heavy Armor xx000ed2
The Last King of the Ayleids Umbacano Manor
First Edition
Mystic Archives
The Last Scabbard of Akrash A Fighting Chance Armorer 000243da
The Legendary Sancre Tor Vilena Donton's house Blunt 00073A62
The Legendary Scourge Cloud Ruler Temple 00024583
The Locked Room Smuggler's Cave Security 00024541
The Lunar Lorkhan Two Sides of the Coin reward Alteration 000243D8
The Lusty Argonian Maid Vol 1 (see book's page for full list) 00078562
The Madness of Pelagius Mystic Archives
Southern Books
The Mirror Leyawiin – In the City Watch Barracks Block 000243E9
The Old Ways Bravil Fighters Guild 0002458E
The Pig Children Anvil Castle 00024590
The Posting of the Hunt Nightingale Hall 00024585
The Ransom of Zarek Arena Bloodworks Athletics 000243DE
The Real Barenziah, Book I (see book's page for full list) 00024570
The Real Barenziah, Book II (see book's page for full list) 00024571
The Real Barenziah, Book III (see book's page for full list) 00024572
The Real Barenziah, Book IV (see book's page for full list) 00024573
The Real Barenziah, Book V (see book's page for full list) 00024574
The Rear Guard Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Light Armor 0002440B
The Red Book of Riddles Mach-Na's Books 00024591
The Red Kitchen Reader Anvil Castle Athletics 000243E0
The Refugees First Edition Light Armor 0002440E
The Seed Arch-Mage's Quarters
Cheydinhal Mages Guild
The Third Door Atatar
Rindir's Staffs
The True Nature of Orcs Glarthir's House 00024592
The Warp in the West Cloud Ruler Temple
Weynon Priory after accepting "Find the Heir"
The Warrior's Charge Two Sides of the Coin reward Conjuration 000243F6
The Waters of Oblivion Cloud Ruler Temple
Renoit's Books
The Way of the Exposed Palm Fieldhouse Cave Hand-to-Hand 00073A6A
The Wild Elves Rindir's Staffs
Umbacano Manor
The Wolf Queen, Book I Dro'shanji's House Security 00024542
The Wolf Queen, Book II Castle Skingrad Hand-to-Hand 000243FD
The Wolf Queen, Book III Bruma Mages Guild 00024406
The Wolf Queen, Book IV Office of Imperial Commerce Mercantile 00024533
The Wolf Queen, Book V Hastrel Ottus's house Speechcraft 0002454C
The Wolf Queen, Book VI Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Sneak 00024546
The Wolf Queen, Book VII Castle Cheydinhal Speechcraft 0002454E
The Wolf Queen, Book VIII (see book's page for full list) 00024581
Thief S'krivva's House Acrobatics 000243CA
Thief of Virtue Mach-Na's Books
Weynon Priory
Treatise on Ayleidic Cities xx0014a2
Trials of St. Alessia First Edition
Southern Books
Varieties of Daedra (see book's page for full list) 0002457C
Vernaccus and Bourlor Renoit's Books Marksman 0002452F
Warrior Castle Leyawiin Block 000243EB
Withershins Leyawiin Mages Guild Restoration 0002453c
Words and Philosophy Modryn Oreyn's House Blade 000243e3

Available diaries & journals[]

Title Location Item ID
A Bloody Journal On the dead body of Viranus Donton 0002FF32
Agnar's Journal A camp near Dive Rock 000C55DF
Akaviri Diary Translation Given to you by Narina Carvain 0001C162
Amantius Allectus' Diary Amantius Allectus' House 000355ED
Ancotar's Journal Fort Caractacus 00185934
Ayleid Reference Text Irlav Jarol in Vahtacen 0003353B
Brenus Astis' Journal Fallen Rock Cave 0002A577
Dar-Ma's Diary Dar-Ma's Chest 000280A9
Diary of Springheel Jak 000152FC
Gelebourne's Journal Olav's Tap and Tack during quest "A Brotherhood Betrayed" 00038447
Hiding with the Shadow Lake Arrius Caverns 0001FB52
Journal of Claudius Arcadia Claudius' Chest 00072296
Journal of the Lord Lovidicus Crowhaven 00038B2F
Log of the Emma May Emma May 000366B1
Macabre Manifest Agarmir's House 0001D046
Ramblings of Audens Avidius On Audens Avidius 0003D06B
Scrap from Lorgren's Diary In a broken jar during quest "Where Spirits Have Lease" 00003A9B
Slythe's Journal Shetcombe Farm and Sandstone Cavern 0018BC23
The Path of Transcendence Leafrot Cave, on a table (only available during or after the quest "Affairs of a Wizard") 0003647E
The Posting of the Hunt Vilena Donton's House

Deepscorn Hollow
Infested Mine

Traitor's Diary Cellar of the Lighthouse in Anvil 00003968
Weathered Journal Outside Lost Boy Cavern 000624d9

Available notes, letters, & documents[]

Title Location Item ID
A New Guild for Fighters? 00098682
A Poorly Scrawled Note 000C45B3
Adamus Phillida Slain! Black Horse Courier 0006D6ED
Alval Uvani's Schedual 00066200
Andre's Letter 000C56D9
Anvil Tarts Thwarted! Black Horse Courier 00066CD5
Assassination! Black Horse Courier 000274EE
Cheydinhal Heir Saved! Black Horse Courier 00066CD3
Brother Piner's Notes Weynon Priory house
Arena Bloodworks
000AA081 000AA082
000AA083 000AA084
Dead Drop Orders Given by Lucien Lachance 0002FB3E 00031B2A
0002FB3B 00030146
00030194 00030195
000301AD 0000396B
Decrepit Note Dropped from the lich Arielle Jurard in the Fighter's Stronghold plugin xx011f42
Deed to Benirus Manor Anvil - Bought from Velwyn Benirus 0000A1BC
Divining the Elder Scolls [sic] [Do not change this to Scrolls. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] Castle Leyawiin in jewelry box 0000a254
Draconis Gift List Given by Perennia Draconis 00002DAB
Earana's Notes Given by Earana during Fingers of the Mountain 000277AE
Folded Page Lost Boy Cavern 000624D3
Forged List of Candidates Given by a Stranger 0000C229
Glarthir's Notes On a table in Glarthir's basement 000831B0 000831B1
000831B2 000831B3
000831B4 000831B5
000831B6 000831B7
000831B8 000831B9
Gray Fox Unmasked! Black Horse Courier 0006D6EF
Gray Fox, Man or Myth? Black Horse Courier 0006D6EE
Greatest Painter Safe! Black Horse Courier 00066CD4
Handbill Too many to list 0006B5C8 0006B5C9
0006B5CA 0006B5CB
0006B5CC 0006B5CD
0006B5CE 0006B5CF
0006B5D0 0006B5D1
0006B5D2 0006B5D3
0006B5D4 0006B5D5
0006B5D6 0006B5D7
0006B5D8 0006B5D9
00071765 00071766
00071767 00071768
00071769 0007176A
0007176B 0007176C
0007176D 0007176E

0007176F 00071770
00071771 00071772
00071773 00071774
00071775 00071776
00071777 00071778
00071779 0007177A
0007177B 0007177C
0007177D 0007177E
0007177F 00071780
00071781 00071782
00071783 00071784
00071785 00071786
00071787 00071788
00071789 0007178A

Handwritten Note A variety of places 000C7631 0018BC65
0008DC48 000908C7
Hastily Scrawled Note Given by Bothiel in the Arcane University 00033DEC
Instructions: the Gray Cowl A chest in the Shrine of The Moth 00014740
Invitation from Umbacano Given by Jollring after an Ayleid Statue is sold to anybody other than Umbacano 0002B458
Jearl's Orders Jearl's House 0000C026
Letter Various locations 000C654D 0006B5C0
0006B5C1 0006B5C2
0006B5C3 0006B5C4
0006B5C5 0006B5C7
Letter from Branwen Arena Bloodworks 000A9668
Letters to the Guild of Mages Lost Boy Cavern 000624D4 000624DB
List of Candidates Dairihill in Anvil Castle 0000C04A
List of Death Glarthir 00028D78 00028D79
00028D7B 00028D7C
00028D7F 00028D80
Lithnilian's Research Notes Imperial Bridge Inn Tavern 00185377
Long Forgotten Note 000B6C0A
Love Letter from Relfina 0001E084
Lynch's Instructions In An Unexpected Voyage 00015727
Mysterious Note Given by Myvryna Arano if put in jail before joining The Thieves Guild 000355E0
New 'Doomstones' Series! Black Horse Courier 0006bd47
New Watch Captain Named! Black Horse Courier 0006D6F2
Night Mother Rituals! Black Horse Courier 0007BEA0
Note Various locations 0002C524 00068C10
00068C11 00068C12
00068C13 00068C14
00068C15 00068C16
00068C17 000B073C
Note from First Mate Filch On Captain Baszone Patneim 000738D8
Note from Gray Fox Given by Methredhel 0000A1B1
Note from Raminus Polus Thrown to the ground by Hieronymus Lex 0000A23B
Note of Bounty In reward chest of the unmarked quest The Unbeaten Path
Next to a Poison of Paralysis on the roof of Fort Rayles
In a chest outside Fort Gold-Throat
In a jewelry box high on the walls of Fort Variela
Note of Exception Outside Fort Strand 000C6548
Note to Gwinas "The Path of Dawn" quest 00022B83
Notes: Captain Montrose Table near Gepard Montrose 000950E2
Orders From Lucien Lachance Given by Ocheeva 00035E03
Palace Break-In? Black Horse Courier 0006D6F4
Pale Pass Discovery! Black Horse Courier 00066CD2
Plan for the Big Heist Given by the Gray Fox at the start of The Ultimate Heist 00022DB4
Poor Burdened by Taxes! Black Horse Courier 0006D6F0
Pranks Spoils Society Gathering! Black Horse Courier 00098689
Public Notice Door of Claudius Arcadia's House 00071D50
Rain of Burning Dogs! Black Horse Courier 00098683
Shopping List Several Locations 0006DBBD 0006DBBE
00154CD6 00154CD7
00154CD8 00154CD9
00154CDA 00154CDB
00154CDC 00154CDD
Soiled Writ of Assassination Carried by the Morag Tong Assassin in the Mehrunes' Razor (Plug-in) xx002532
Suicide Note On the body of Adamus Phillida's Bodyguard 001778D9
Suspicious Letter Ulrich Leland's room 0003C37E
Telaendril's Ocheeva Note Held by Ocheeva 00175f62
Tragic Accident! Baenlin Dead! Black Horse Courier 000732B7
Transfer Orders Given by Countess Millona Umbranox 000C4A29 000C4A29
Vampire Nest in the City! Black Horse Courier 0006D6F3
Vicente's Note to Ocheeva Vicente Valtieri's desk in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary 000693d2
Wanted Poster [?] 000982EF
Waterfront Raid Fails! Black Horse Courier 0006D6F1
Waterfront Tax Records Hieronymus Lex’s quarters in the South Watchtower 00034875 000c4a2a
Worn, Faded Note On one of the two Orsimer vampires in Gutted Mine 0002c500

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