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This page lists all journals in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

There are numerous journals, most are only for lore, some are part of quests or start quests.

Diaries and journalsEdit

Listed Alphabetically

Title Overview Item ID
Admonition Against Ebony 000F6843
Adventurer's Journal 000D95E3
Agrius's Journal 00083AE8
Aicantar's Lab Journal 00065C35
Alchemist's Journal, two variants 000CE5BD
Alva's Journal 0002A96D
Arondil's Journal, Part 1 00080D63
Arondil's Journal, Part 2 00080D64
Arondil's Journal, Part 3 00080D65
Arondil's Journal, Part 4 00080D66
Arvel's Journal 00039654
Atronach Forge Manual 0006CE1C
Bandit Leader's Journal 00078DD2
Bandit's Journal, two variants 00083B01
Butcher Journal 1 00024737
Butcher Journal 2 00066182
Butcher Journal 3 00024763
Cicero's Journal, Volume I 0009DABE
Cicero's Journal, Volume II 0009DAC1
Cicero's Journal, Volume III 0009DAC4
Cicero's Journal, Volume IV 0009DAC5
Cicero's Journal, Final Volume 00019514
Cook's Journal 000951AE
Daynas Valen's Journal 00085FE2
Daynas Valen's Notes 00085FE3
Decree of Monument 000D55D9
Eisa's Journal 000D0BF6
Endrast's Journal 0008ACD0
Erj's Notes 000C084B
Expedition Manifest 0008ACD1
Faded Diary 000F0422
Fisherman's Journal, two variants 0007F667
Gallus's Encoded Journal 000CEDA6
Gallus's Journal 0001BB6D
Habd's Journal 00048160
Hajvarr's Journal 000E1647
Hamelyn's Journal 0010B2CD
Hargar's Journal 000BABB4
Heddic's Volunruud Notes 0008AD99
Holdings of Jarl Gjalund 000FBA57
Hunter's Journal, two variants 000F54D4
J'zhar's Journal 000F03E5
Japhet's Journal 000F6844
Journal, three variants 0008E5DF
Journal of Drokt 00026D85
Karan's Journal 0003A06F
Kodlak's Journal 000F6841
Krag's Journal 000C36EF
Kyr's Log 000D0E4E
Love Poem 000211D7
Lu'ah's Journal 00090213
Lymdrenn Tenvanni's Journal 000E82BE
Maluril's Journal 0006BE25
Malyn Varen's Grimoire 00028ADC
Margret's Journal 000D3E6B
Medresi's Notes 000B716A
Merchant's Journal 000DD125
Midden Incident Report 000D30C8
Miner's Journal 00055549
Nepos' Journal 000D672B
Notes on the Lunar Forge 00063A0F
Notes on Yngol Barrow 000B6426
Nystrom's Journal 000FF207
Old Tome 0008F741
Ramati's Journal 000D3973
Red Eagle's Rite 000C2987
Research Log 00034CBC
Research Notes 0006A80D
Ruined Trailbook 000F0424
Runil's Journal 000705C3
Sild's Journal 000AD430
Sinderion's Field Journal 000E4D6F
Skorm Snow-Strider's Journal 0007E5B8
Smuggler's Journal 000DC3AF
Staubin's Diary 0008E8FC
Stromm's Diary 00093846
Sudi's Journal 000D0969
Sulla's Journal 0008ACD2
Suvaris Atheron's Logbook 0001DBFE
Tattered Journal (Embershard Mine) 000B6D60
Tattered Journal (Tolvald's Crossing) 000F0423
Thalmor Dossier: Delphine 000F6845
Thalmor Dossier: Esbern 0003AF29
Thalmor Dossier: Ulfric Stormcloak 000F6846
The Keepers of the Razor 000973AC
Thonar's Journal 000D674A
Ulfr's Book 000E1640
Umana's Journal 000F0417
Unsent Afflicted Letter 00E7F39
Wyndelius's Journal 000D9B6B

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