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This page lists all letters and notes in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

There are numerous letters and notes across Skyrim, which detail a vast spectrum of various topics. These are almost exclusively for lore and backstory, but a few are part of quests.

Notes, letters, and documents[]

Title Overview Item ID
A Scrawled Note A note ordering the death of the Dragonborn as revenge for their killing Malyn Varen. 000B1260
A Warning A warning to Delvin Mallory from Vex telling him to stop peeking on her while she bathes in the lake. 000F6928
Aeri's Note A note from Aeri of Anga's Mill to Jarl Skald describing how Skald is requesting lumber to be delivered to Dawnstar and workers to enlist in the Stormcloak rebellion, but Aeri denying him recruits. 00090E52
Afflicted's Note A note describing how Orchendor believes some Dwemer constructs will help him commune with Peryite. 00045F94
Alchemist's Note A note describing how Head Alchemist Froda is a bit reluctant to use poisons on their own people. 0006DF90
Alethius's Notes A letter regarding members of an expedition team headed by Alethius 000C370E
All Employees Must Read! A note from Indaryn requesting the perpetrator of a prank played on him step forward lest he impose a decrease of all employees' wages. 000F68A2
Amaund Motierre's Sealed Letter A note from Amaund Motierre to Astrid describing the steps on how to crash a wedding. 0005BF2E
An Apology A note from Wilhelm to Bersi Honey-Hand in which Wilhem refuses to enter Shroud Hearth Barrow to retrieve the treasures within. 000F68A4
Ancient Edict An edict in remembrance and honor of those fallen by Gauldur's sons. 000ED441
Anders's Message A note found in the Twilight Sepulcher, written by an explorer lost in the depths of the tomb. 000FF223
Anise's Letter A letter to Helgi from Anise asking the former to join the latter in the forest to form a "proper coven." 000DDFB6
Anonymous Letter, two variants A note from anonymous authors regarding the divulging of information about either side of the Civil War. The first variant is a note by someone claiming they have information about the Stormcloaks, the other about the Imperials. 000504EF (1)
000504EE (2)
Argonian Ceremony A note to Drifa from Talen-Jei regarding his future marriage ceremony. 000F68A8
Attention Employees! A threatening note stating that Black-Briar Meadery employees are now subject to random searches as to prevent goods from being stolen. 000F68A0
Balmora Blue Note A note found on the Red Wave about the dealing of Balmora Blue, a substance similar to Skooma. 000DC176
Beware the Butcher! A warning about the killer who haunts the streets of Windhelm. 00021683
Blood Horker Orders A note from a group of pirates, the Blood Horkers, sending word of the East Empire Company resuming shipping routes between Sentinel and Windhelm. 000C58A6
Bloodstained note A note from Sudi to Ramati describing some of the events that happened in Frostflow Lighthouse. 000D397A
Bolar's Writ A message from the only survivor of the Thalmor massacre at Cloud Ruler Temple asking for any who read his note to take up arms against the Thalmor. 00083AF6
Bounty, five unique BaseID's A bounty from the Jarls of various Holds offering reward to any who kills a dragon/giant, or the leader of a group of bandits/Forsworn who are responsible for harassing or robbing the peoples of said Hold. 00095129
Commander's Note A note found in Fort Snowhawk to an 'Anneas' commanding them to obey orders given to them by the higher-ups. 00083B05
Complaint Letter A rant from the chef of Fort Greymoor requesting that the soldiers residing there clear out the nests of skeevers that have been bothering him. 0008AA46
Contract, two variants The first variant is a contract containing orders to teach the Dragonborn a lesson for stealing from the author. The second is a similar message, but the reason behind it is because the Dragonborn has killed someone dear to the author. 00035B65
Corpse Note A note written by a Breton woman declaring that a valuable family heirloom has been stolen from her by a group of bandits, and that she will retrieve it, even if it be the death of her. 000BA300
Courier's Letter A letter from a courier to an investor describing how a group of expeditioners were on their way to loot the chest at Autumnwatch Tower but were intercepted by a dragon. 001065F5
Dark Brotherhood Assassin's Note A note written by Astrid instructing a Dark Brotherhood Assassin to kill the Dragonborn. 0010596A
Dragon Investigation: Current Status A note from Rulindil to Elenwen describing the recent capture and interrogation of Etienne Rarnis. 00039F2A
Dryston's Note A note by Dryston regarding Nepos the Nose's intent to have the Dragonborn killed. 000D672A
East Empire Connection A message to Mercer Frey from an unknown member of the Dark Brotherhood briefly discussing the East Empire Company, Gulum-Ei, and the relationship between the latter and the Brotherhood. 000F6932
Eltrys' Note A note asking for a meeting with the Dragonborn at the Shrine of Talos in Markarth. 000D1955
Eyes Open A note found in The Ragged Flagon - Cistern informing a member of the Thieves Guild to keep an eye on Sapphire, another member of the Guild. 000F692F
Faendal's Fake Letter from Sven A note meant to discredit Sven in the miscellaneous quest "A Lovely Letter." 0005C846
Faleen's Letter to Calcelmo A reply to a poem written by Calcelmo. 00026EFE
Faralda's Notes A book filled with indecipherable scribbles, which are arguably not even notes. 0005D2EA
Father's Missive A plea from 'Da' begging Rigel Strong-Arm to cease attacking merchant caravans. 00037F89
First Letter from Linwe A letter to Niranye regarding her refusal to fence a silver locket recently shown to her by Linwe. 000D7773
For Shelly Part of the broken quest "Trius and Shelly," this note describes how the ship that Shelly boarded was very late and that Trius awaits her return. 000BB3D3
Forsworn Missive A note from the Forsworn to a man named Alaric describing how the Forsworn operate as opposed to the former's tactics. 000A4CE2
Forsworn Note A note to "the Matriarch," regarding the ready and able armies of Forsworn. 00083AE3
Forsworn Note A note planning to attack Fort Sungard in the Reach. 00083B0B
Fort Neugrad Treasure Map A map revealing the location of a hidden chest near Fort Neugrad. 000F33D2
Frost's Identity Papers The identification papers of Frost, a horse, including his gender, color, and ancestors. 000E8BDB
Gaius Maro's Schedule A note listing the places where Gaius Maro will be during the Dark Brotherhood quest "Breaching Security." 00015475
Geirmund's Epitaph A poem from King Harald to Geirmund blessing the latter for battling the three sons of Gauldur. 000E7A33
Gissur's Note The Thalmor spy Gissur's records of the Dragonborn, found during the quest "A Cornered Rat." 0006DEB6
Give Me A Chance A note from Delvin Mallory to Vex asking her to "take up [his] offer." 000F692A
Goldenglow A letter from Mercer to Brynjolf telling him to deal with the situation at Goldenglow Estate. 000F692E
Goldenglow Bill of Sale, two variants The Bill of Sale states that the person with the Bill of Sale owns the Goldenglow Estate and all accompanying property. 0004C6C8 (1)
0007A508 (2)
Gorm's Letter A letter that Gorm can give to the Dragonborn to give to Aldis, saying that "Change is needed." 000AD8DE
Gourmet's Writ of Passage This letter gives permission to the Emperor's cook to access any areas, supplies, or information that he or she needs. 0003BEB6
Guard's Orders This letter gives the order for the guards to evacuate because of an incoming storm, and to kill the prisoners, or let them drown. 000E94DF
Gulum-Ei's Confession A letter from Gulum-Ei to his brother announcing that he is dead, and contains his final words. 000EF579
Habd's Death Letter A letter from Habd to an unnamed recipient stating that he has died and contains his final wish. 0004811F
Hastily Scribbled Note A journal entry from Gaston Bellefort describing how he has found the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and has been observing the Dark Brotherhood and plans to infiltrate the Sanctuary. 000F23BA
Have Need of Cynric, two variants The first variant is from an unknown author to Mercer asking permission to use Cynric's skills in the Cidhna Mines. The second variant is from Maven to Sabjorn suggesting they come stay with Maven in her manor as a guest. 000F6931 (1)
000F6933 (2)
Hired Thug's Missive A note found in Labyrinthian that talks about the Wooden Mask by telling a story of two mercenaries who are protecting a Breton scholar. 000F98B4
Idgrod's Note A note from Idgrod the Younger to Danica Pure-Spring describing Joric's condition. 000940DD
Imperial Condolences A letter from Pius Bruccius to Lu'ah Al-Skaven that discusses the death of her husband, Saeel. 0009020C
Imperial Letter A letter to Lieutenant Armiger saying that reinforcements are on the way. 00083AED
Imperial Missive (Battle-Born) A note from General Tullius that states that the Thalmor have taken Thorald Gray-Mane to Northwatch Keep. 00039C8E
Imperial Missive (Fort Neugrad) A letter to a Legate from an unnamed person saying they have taken over Fort Neugrad. 00083AFD
Imperial Order 000524DA
Incriminating Letter, three variants (1) 000E0AB1
(2) 000749B5
(3) 00050502
Invitation to Elenwen's Reception 00042396
Isabelle's Letter A goodbye letter to Ranmir, with Isabelle leaving Winterhold with Vex to live the life of a thief. 00064EB2
J'datharr's Note 0005437D
Justiciar Execution Order 000BA0BE
Kyr's Bounty 000D07B2
Lakeview Manor Charter HF A charter granting the Dragonborn the Lakeview Manor homestead. xx01579f
Letter 0008ACCD
Letter from -NPC- (Request) 00039FC3
Letter from -NPC- (Reward) 00071442
Letter from -NPC- (Thanks) 00071443
Letter from a Friend 00023EE5
Letter from Calcemo 000A0F46
Letter from Christophe 000F6893
Letter from Falk Firebeard 000D91D1
Letter from Father 000CC86A
Letter from Jon 00027F74
Letter from Maven 000F6894
Letter from Olfina 00027F73
Letter from Quintus Navale 000249AF
Letter from Sabjorn 000F6895
Letter from Septimus Signus 000F6842
Letter from Solitude 0007D02F
Letter from the Steward 000CADEC
Letter of Credit 0005B49E
Letter of Inheritance 0001BFF5
Letter to Beem-Ja 000E7F3C
Letter to Golldir 00019FEA
Letter to Salma 000E7F3B
Letter to Vals Veran 00019FEB
Lorcalin's Orders An order from Elenwen commanding the deaths of the Talos worshippers near White River Gorge. 000DD99C
Madanach's Note 000E2513
Mani's Letter 000D0968
Many Thanks 000F689B
Mara Smiles Upon You! 000F68A7
Museum Pamphlet A promotional pamphlet advertising Silus Vesuius' Mythic Dawn museum. 00094D8B
Mysterious Note, two variants 0005224A (1)
0003031F (2)
Mzinchaleft Guard's Note 000DB0D7
Mzinchaleft Work Order 00088FE8
Necromancer's Letter 00083B08
No Word Yet A note found in the Ragged Flagon explaining that Rune's parents could not be found. 000F692C
Note (Black Hand) 000C2BE4
Note (Forelhost 1) 0006F63C
Note (Forelhost 2) 0006DFAF
Note (Greenwall) 0008B471
Note (Mistwatch) 000C0136
Note (Stormcloak) 000D120C
Note (Treasure) 000D1246
Note from Agna 000BC6FD
Note from Jaree-Ra 000F23E0
Note from Maven 000F68A3
Note to Rhorlak 00078621
Note to Rodulf 000E163F
Note to Thomas 000C3B1A
Note to the Authorities 0009793A
Notice 0008ACCC
Notice of Cost Increase 000F68A6
Official Warning 00068253
Orders 0006DFAC
Per Your Requests 000F68AA
Possible Rivals 000F692D
Prisoner's Plan 000E94F1
Private Letter 000D9399
Promissory Note 000813B6
Purchase Agreement (Bolli) 000557EC
Purchase Agreement (Sarthis Idren) 00085D4E
Quite Pleased 000F689E
Ra'jirr's Note 000D0032
Rahgot's Reply 0006DF94
Regarding Your Loss 000F6897
Repair Supplies 000F798C
Reports of a Disturbance 000F68A9
Request for Help! 000F689C
Requested Report 000F6898
Rigel's Letter 00037F87
Rogatus's Letter 000931C2
Roras's Letter 00037F8A
Scrawled page 000D3979
Scribbled Note 0005B9C9
Second Letter from Linwe 0007D67D
Sergius's Note 0003DD30
Shavari's Note 0006DEB5
Shipment's Arrived 000F692B
Shipment's Ready 00065BDA
Shopping List 000F689A
Sibbi Black-Briar 000F68AB
Small Note 000F5BC0
Smugglers' Note 000DD998
Soldier's Request 0008AA45
Sondas's Note 00069007
Stormcloak Missive, two variants 00083B04 (1)
00083AFF (2)
Sven's Fake Letter from Faendal 005C847
Tattered Note 00108160
Thalmor Orders 00097803
The Warmth of Mara 00053347
Thief's Last Words 000F0425
Things to Do 000F689F
Timely Offer 000F6929
Torn Note 00074ADF
To A Concerned Citizen 000F68A5
To Be Read Immedately! (as spelled in game) 000F68A1
To Milore from Nilara DR A letter to Milore Ienth from her sister, detailing her life in Mournhold. xx03a4b4
To The Brotherhood 000F6896
To The Owner FF000B07
Tova's Farewell 000D2B09
Training Chests 000F6930
Treasure Hunter's Note 000A17B0
Until Next Time 000F689D
Urag's Note 0003D29D
Vald's Debt 00072B13
Valmir's Orders 00093CF6
Velehk Sain's Treasure Map 000DDEFB
Warning 00078561
Watchtower Guard's Letter 00083AEF
Weylin's Note 000D670F
Writ of Sealing, three variants 000F1C18
Ysolda's Message 000E1A9F

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